We Could Be Getting Closer To World War III Than You Think


It has been many decades since World War II, and there are some out there who believe World War III is just around the corner. And to be honest, it isn’t that far of a reach. It seems that in the modern day, if you turn on any news channel, you are simply bombarded with bad news for the entire day. Whether it’s highly-publicized shootings in major cities or foreign conflicts seemingly spiraling out of control, you get the sense that tensions are running hot and the entire world is at the cusp of its boiling point.

Here are 12 of the biggest reasons experts are saying we’re closer to World War III than you think. We’re looking at old conflicts renewed and classic resource struggles, like what you’ll see in #2.


#12 War Is Always On The Horizon

001-12-war-is-always-on-the-horizon-647356Ever since the Cold War, it has been said that World War III is getting closer than ever. While this is by no means a guarantee, you can see how it could happen. The superpowers in the world such as the USA, Russia, and China are all flexing their muscles and things could break out at any time.
#11 The Cause Of War

002-11-the-cause-of-war-647411Due to various ideological and resource conflicts, the Middle East is always a hotbed for extreme violence and regime changes. Conflicts in this region stepped up in the 1990s and have continued in the modern day, and there’s no sign of anything slowing down. The world is dependent on the Middle East’s oil reserves and everyone in the area is striving to control more of this essential resource.

#10 Rising Oil Prices

003-10-rising-oil-prices-647368Unfortunately, this demand and competition for this oil has only made things worse. Oil prices have risen a dramatically over the last few decades and demand shows no sign of slowing down. Thousands and thousands of people have died as a result of the battle for control over oil fields.

#9 Arctic Oil

004-9-arctic-oil-647418It’s not only the Middle East that has an abundance of oil. So does the Arctic. The USA currently produces the most oil from these Arctic sources, with Russia nipping at their heels. With these two being the top two superpowers in the world, things are getting pretty heated in the fight for oil.

#8 USA vs. Russia

005-8-usa-vs-russia-647435The USA and Russia have been hot/cold for decades, and rarely find common ground. The Cold War has been the most obvious example, but the USA has voiced disapproval over Russia’s aggression in recent years as well. In particular, their intervention in Middle Eastern conflicts has been a point of contention, with some experts predicting heightened conflict between the USA and Russia in years to come.
#7 Syrian War

006-7-syrian-war-647473While the USA and Russia aren’t directly at war with each other right now, several situations could evolve into greater conflict between the two nations. The most pertinent example is the War in Syria, which both the USA and Russia have a stake in. Russia is on the side of Assad and the government, while the USA has been arming the rebels.

#6 Russian Support

007-6-russian-support-647489Since the Russians began to help out the Syrian government, they have largely been winning the war against the rebels. This obviously isn’t great for the people of Syria, but there could also be other negatives. The USA might eventually take on a more active role in the war, which would rise the tensions between the USA and Russia even higher.

#5 Don’t Forget About China

008-5-don-t-forget-about-china-647494While tensions between the USA and Russia are at a high point right now, China is also preparing for a conflict. They have made some claims over some land they believe that they own in the south China sea. These claims have been ruled unlawful, putting China on the defensive.

#4 War At Sea

009-4-war-at-sea-647546As a result of the anger from the claims being unlawful, Chinese authorities warned Chinese citizens to prepare for a “War at Sea.” They are also worried about the USA becoming involved. This War at Sea is no joke, either. There are multiple nations arguing over land, which could turn violent very quickly.

#3 The UK Throwing Their Name In The Mix

010-3-the-uk-throwing-their-name-in-the-mix-647560If three major powers all getting involved in the conflict wasn’t enough, the UK also looks like they may be getting involved. Recently, the UK sent hundreds of troops into Eastern Europe as a response to Russian aggression. If these soldiers cross paths with the Russians, who knows what will happen.

#2 Other Resource Factors

011-2-other-resource-factors-647631Another resource factor that could weigh heavily in possibly starting World War III is water. Clean water is a dwindling natural resource and it is believed that less than 3% of the earth’s water is usable. With global warming causing environmental issues, that number could drop. This could possibly lead to a war for water.

#1 Peace, Not War

012-1-peace-not-war-647665So it seems we are standing at the doorstep of a potentially massive world conflict. However, it isn’t the only option and a war doesn’t need to occur. Instead, the countries of the world could work together in these times of need, but who knows how that will work out.

While the war is obviously not happening right now (and may not happen for quite some time, if ever), it is always a good idea to keep the possibility of a conflict in our minds. Numerous different countries are growing tired of each other and all it takes is one act of major aggression for this whole thing to blow up. The horrific part is, the world may not be able to take another World War, especially one with nuclear weapons being used. Here’s hoping that countries around the world can forget their differences and work things out in a civil manner.