How To Get Straight Dudes To Receive Anal Sex, According To Experts

A lot of times anal sex performed on men is typically reserved for the homosexual community, or so we thought. There is a large population of straight men who love to receive rectal pleasure. Denying that pleasure can cause a lot of problems in their psyche and relationships.

Sex Expert Dr. Joe Kort is here to set the record straight (pun intended).

8. The Sexpert


Dr. Joe Kort is the author of Is My Husband Gay, Straight, or Bi: A Guide or Women Concerned About Their Men. The sex expert, or “sexpert,” also writes his own blog and stars in his own vlogs. He talks about everything from performance issues to stimulation success. Her latest video got the Internet buzzing as you’ll see in #7.

7. Anal And Sexual Orientation


The latest video talks about straight men doing gay things. Basically, he discusses if receiving anal sex really has anything to do with a man’s sexual orientation. Basically, it doesn’t. He goes into more detail about what a lot of men want but doesn’t necessarily want to make public.

6. Worried About Being Gay


He says this is a really important thing for people to understand. He has a lot of straight men walk into his office who enjoy receiving anal sex. These men often worry about their own sexual orientation but it goes a lot deeper than that (pun intended) over in #5.

5. Butt, It Has Nothing To Do With Sexual Orientation


Many of these men start to question their heterosexuality and wonder if they might be gay or bisexual. He assures them, “In the state where I am a board certified sex therapist, your anus doesn’t have a sexual orientation.” This is usually enough to calm their nerves a little bit.

4. Disinterest And Disgust

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Many men who tell their partners they love to receive anal sex receive varied responses. Some women are completely uninterested and have no desire to fulfill their partner’s wishes. Other women give a completely disgusted response complete with name calling. It can get even harsher as you’ll see in #3.

3. Some Women Simply Split


Some women will immediately walk out of the room or leave their partner altogether. It is something that unfortunately contributes to depression or anxiety about future relationships. Nothing is sadder than a boyfriend who feels shame or less of a man. Some men will even go to other men for anal sex without any interest in a homosexual relationship.

2. The Anus Doesn’t Know It’s Gay


Dr. Joe says this complicates things further. He says a lot of men will go to therapists who convince them they are gay, even though they are not. He says every anus doesn’t know that it is gay, or know that it is straight, or even considers being bisexual. He concludes with a final point in #1.

1. Give Pegging A Chance


“The anus knows that it likes receiving pleasure. Period. That’s it.” When he calms his patients down, he asks the men to bring their partners in for a session. He describes “pegging,” the process of women wearing a strapon to provide prostate pleasure for her man. Some women feel dominate and love it. Others decide not to do it.


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