Why You Get Morning Wood And Everything Else You Never Wanted To Know About Boners

Experiencing a boner, pocket rocket, stiffy, chubby, hard on, or wood in the morning is a joyous occasion. It’s technically called nocturnal penile tumescence, or NPT. Morning wood seems like a random event, but there is actually a lot going on. Let’s explore the magical world of NPT.

10. You Can Get Morning Wood In The Womb

Men experience nocturnal erections throughout their life, and it might happen earlier than you think. According to urologist Dr. Ryan Berglund, they have been known to occur in prepubescent youth and even in a fetus still in the womb and it’s completely normal. People have also asked whether or not you can only get them if you have the male equipment as you’ll see in #9.

9. Not Only A Male Phenomenon

The female version of NPT is NCT or nocturnal clitoral tumescence. Basically, the clitoris has its own version of a morning chubby. It’s as if the female body naturally decided it wanted to do all of the fun things that men can do and made lady boners. Nice work, ladies!

8. Morning Wood Isn’t Just For Mornings

Even though it’s called morning wood, early boners also happen while you sleep. You are only made aware of the stiffy when you actually wake up while you’re experiencing one. Take a wild guess as to how often they can occur throughout the night and then head over to #7.

7. How Many Can I Get?

That’s a great question. Healthy men can rise to the occasion three to five times per night. When your little friend constantly pops up it signifies healthy blood flow. If you have trouble getting hard before sex but experience them while you sleep, then you might be experiencing forms of anxiety or depression.

6. What Can Cause Morning Chub?

Nighttime stiffies are reflexive and nerve-related, so they are not associated with anything sexual. The nerves near your spinal cord are close to the nerves that cause erections. A full bladder can easily trigger a nocturnal erection. Find out the effects of pitching a tent can have on your body in #5.

5. A Nighttime Willy Workout

Every time you launch your pocket rocket, your penis is getting a workout. Erections stretch the tissue on your penis and allow it to oxygenate. The tissue is kept in better shape and helps for when you’re actually going to put it somewhere. Go ahead and try it, we’ll wait.

4. Do You Or Someone You Know…

… suffer from erectile dysfunction? As we mentioned, getting them at night and not when they’re needed is psychological. Not getting them at all is a physical problem. Perform the stamp test to see if you are getting them while you sleep. If the perforations are broken, congratulations, you had a boner! Click over to #3 to see if it can cause sleeping problems.

3. Custard Slingers and Sleep

When the “purple homewrecker” pops up, it is associated with your sleeping patterns. Hormones required to trigger your body to fall asleep also have the side effect of causing the erections. When you know you experience NPT, you can rest assured your body is recharging the way it’s supposed to.

2. The Science Of Sleeping At Full Salute

Neurons called noradrenergic cells are what the brain releases in order to keep you from popping a throbbing whistle during the day. It is meant for while you’re out in public, say, in the middle of a church service. R.E.M. sleep inhibits this process. We all want to know what it means if you completely stop popping morning glories, so let’s conclude at #1.

1. When Your Nocturnal Nobbers Go Away

Morning wood is really man’s best friend. It can cause quite a fright when they stop occurring altogether. If you begin to notice your penis hasn’t been stiffening in a few months, it can mean your body is low on testosterone. You might want to consult a physician.

We know that this is a lot of information to cover in such a short period of time. You may want to go back and review the information to make sure you can recall the facts off the top of your head.

Morning wood is a sign your body is doing the right things and on the right track. If you’re looking for scientific studies about morning wood we can’t recommend any at this time. It might be a good idea to call a friend over to watch your crotch all night. We can recommend that, but it’s not technically legal.


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