Before You Get Married, Make Sure You’ve Thought About These Pieces Of Advice

Single people around the world might be pining to tie the knot when they see their buddies strutting down the aisle, but give it a few years and they will be sure to hear from the loving couple the words, “Marriage isn’t easy.” No, it certainly isn’t, and that’s probably why an increasing number of people around the globe are deciding not to do it, according to United Nations statistics on marriage trends.

While we don’t want to scare you away from getting hitched to your dearly betrothed, it’s better you know some facts about marriage before you take the plunge. Read some of these shocking marriage facts and then tell us what you think about happily ever after.

10. Having Kids Will Probably Ruin Your Marriage

Yep, you read that correctly. According to research on marital satisfaction, on the whole, couples fell into a relationship decline after their child was born. While this might seem a little depressing, the study also found that all relationships suffer a decline in satisfaction. Only if you have kids, the descent is twice as steep.

9. It Will Also Kill Your Sex Drive
It seems the men suffer most here, with research suggesting that after the man has said the words, “I do,” his testosterone levels plummet – affecting his libido. This might not be a problem, however, as other studies suggest women lose interest in sex quicker than men once they are hitched. Her security apparently kills her need to get it on. Read on for even more shocking facts.
8. But Keep Your Sex Life Active If You Want To Stay Together

Marriage might be killing your sex drive, but research shows that once couples start regulating their sex days to a frequency far lower than it was during the romance period, they are likely to break-up. The National Survey of Families and Households reports that couples with low rates of bedroom activity are “significantly” more at risk of being the victim of a divorce.

7. Handsome Men Will Suffer
If you’re a good-looking guy, the chances of you hating the fact you ever took the plunge are high. According to research taken by the Journal of Family Psychology, handsome husbands were less satisfied with marriage than guys that weren’t exactly model material. The good news is, if you’re a stunningly good-looking man but your wife is even more attractive, you stand more of a chance of achieving marital bliss.
6. Broke Men Can’t Be Trusted
Ok, so this one might not come as much of a surprise. But did you know that the breadwinner, be it a man or a woman, is far less likely to cheat than the one who is financially dependent? A study taken by a professor at the University of Connecticut found this to be the truth, but also said that financially dependent men were at least three times as likely to cheat than financially dependent women.
5. Divorce Might Just Be In Your Blood
It seems some people are just genetically programmed to break-up a marriage. Scientists at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm found that some people were just more likely to get divorced, being endowed with what they called the “Divorce Gene.” Maybe before you decide to tie the knot you might want to have a look at your partner’s blood analysis! The next one will kill you.
4. If Your Husband’s Flight Is Delayed, Be Worried
Statistics are always beguiling when we hear things such as a peanut being more dangerous than a Class-A drug. According to Freakonomics, which digs out some of the weirdest statistics around, married men are just as likely to cheat on their wife as they are to suffer a flight delay. So when a man calls you from the airport and tells you about his long wait, you will now feel all that more worried about his weekend away “on business.”
3. Pregnancy Drives Him Away
The proud dad-to-be is a man that you should keep an eye on, according to a study taken by the Journal of Family Psychology. Scientists studied the prevalence of cheating when linked to various things such as personality traits, belief in religion, and other variables. What they found is that when a partner is pregnant, a man is more likely to cheat. However, for all you good Christians out there, religious men were found to be less prone to sleeping in another woman’s bed. We’ll make you feel better if you read on.
2. You Can Actually Be “Just Friends” With That Old Flame
Contrary to what some people might tell you, it’s very possible that the ex-lover that still hangs around does it in a purely platonic way. So, if your present partner swears there’s nothing going on with that ex-boyfriend, that’s he’s “just a friend,” they might well be telling the truth. According to research, though, this possible friendship rests on a few things, such as why you broke up and who got what.
1. There Are Proven Ways To Find The Right One
Step One: According to research, the one thing you shouldn’t ever do is marry someone that already gets on your nerves a little bit. Marry only the person you totally idolize. Step Two: Marry someone with very high self-esteem. Don’t do the charity marriage, and don’t think you can “change him.” Step Three: Marry someone who can take care of themselves financially. While being a money grubber might not be ideal, some money bodes well for marriage. It also denotes a high IQ. Step Four: Science says get married to a contentious partner, someone who is more difficult than they are submissive.

So, are you still thinking about getting hitched after those hard-to-swallow facts about holy matrimony? As we said, these facts we hope have not scared you away from marriage forever, more we hope they can be a guide to those couples out there thinking about tying the knot. You might also remember that even though statistics tell us that an office chair is way safer that a children’s jungle gym, 85 people each year do die from office chair falls. What we are saying is that there are always exceptions to the rule.

Put it this way, you could be a pregnant woman with a handsome, poor man, who has a low IQ, break-up blood cells, low sex drive, and seems to be uncannily unlucky with flight delays. This man might also make the perfect husband for life. Why not tell us what you think about this list, and your own experiences with prospective marriage partners.


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