Get Better At Sex With These Tips From SCIENCE

Everyone can always improve at performing in the bedroom. All it takes are a few simple tweaks to transform into the lover your partner always dreamed about. If you put in the extra effort, you will become a sex machine in no time. Just follow these simple steps to be on your way.

10. Avoid Alcohol At All Costs


The first thing you should do to ensure success under the sheets is to avoid alcohol. We know it’s unavoidable after a night of drinking mixed with temptation, but alcohol can surely inhibit your ability to enjoy sex through the numbing of your sensations. And #9 sometimes goes hand in hand.

9. Resist The Urge To Smoke

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In addition to drinking, cigarettes can have a nasty effect on your libido as well as your lungs. Researcher Dr. Justin Lehmiller says cigarettes can inhibit your sensations just about as much as alcohol. This is probably why some people wait until after sex before enjoying a smoke in the movies.

8. Put In A Little Extra Effort


Putting in the extra effort can do more for your sex life than most things you try. This can range anywhere from learning what your partner likes and dislikes to setting up the room with flowers and candles. That little extra effort can go a long way. This also plays into #7 quite a bit more than you’d think.

7. Treat Your Partner Like Royalty


Being generous should be a no-brainer. Treating your partner as if they are a queen or a king that deserves everything will help return the action right back to you. Research proves that people prefer someone who is unselfish in bed, and this works with both long-term and short-term partners.

6. The Object Of Your Affection


This one is pretty obvious but it still warrants acknowledgment. There is no better way to improve your sex life than to make your partner feel special. Sex will lose its meaning if you’re doing it with someone you don’t treat your partner with the utmost affection. Be sure to listen to their body and implement #5.

5. Open Your Ears

According to Indy100, one huge way to improving life in the sack is to be especially responsive. This is more important in long term relationships but getting to know your partner can improve both of your sex lives. It’ll be the difference between a regular booty call and a one night stand.

4. Cuddling Always Does The Trick


Cuddling is almost a lost art form. In a world where people are so quick to get from point A to point B, it’s hard to stop and think about point C. Laying in bed snuggled up next to someone is a good way to lead into round two or make your next encounter that much more pleasurable.

3. Keep An Open Line Of Communication

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Leaving an open line of communication throughout the whole experience as well as after can help you learn more about yourselves than you thought. As long as you know what is appropriate to try and what is off the table, you will have a much better time. Be sure to keep this mind when starting #2.

2. Remember To Use A Combination Of All Of These


Remember all of these tips and combine them for an amazing sexual experience. It’s a lot to remember, but isn’t having the best sex of your life worth the extra effort? If you find it difficult to remember each and every tip, then do yourself a favor and adopt #1.

1. If You Can’t Remember, Take Notes

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The last tip to making your sex life better is to take notes. It sounds a little weird, but it will help. Making a note of what worked in bed and what didn’t will greatly improve your chances of becoming the best he or she has ever had on your next romp.


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