This Genius Woman Expertly Catfished A Snapchat Creeper Hilariously

Online dating has become a popular method for people to meet up with strangers. It has also become a cesspool of creepy stalkers who spend their days and nights looking for an easy hookup. One man thought he found the perfect girl on Snapchat before learning his lesson about catfishing.

10. Be Wary Of Snapchat Followers

Lisa February Allen loved posting her photo updates on Snapchat. Like many people, she likes to use the app as a visual way of letting her friends and followers know what she’s been up to. Lisa also runs into some creepy followers whom she does not know. One such encounter is recorded in #9.

9. Creeper Level: Expert

First of all, you never ask a stranger on social media where they live. There has rarely been an instance where someone decided to meet up with someone they didn’t know.  It’s always creepy to follow up with the question, “do you live alone?” Not a good start.

8. My Friend Will Be Joining Us

Lisa decided to have some fun with the guy. “I live with my friend she’ll be joining us” is only going to get his imagination going. Of course, you’re “def up for that tho,” who wouldn’t be? She has officially hooked her catfish and begins to reel him in with #7.

7. I’ll Be There In 20 Minutes

So, our creepy Snapchat user JJ was told he would have plenty of places to park in her nice gated community. He decided to hit the road. Who knows what was going through his mind as he drove down. This had to be too easy. I guess he wanted one more snap to verify her identity as he was driving down.

6. Too Good To Be True?

The Roaming Boomers

She must be real! His drive would be worth the 20 minutes to South London. After six more minutes, he arrived at his location and just needed to find his “to-good-to-be-true” threesome he had been promised. He sent another message to Lisa on Snapchat letting her know her Casanova had arrived in #5.

5. Arrived In East London

The feeling of relief and excitement “JJ” must have felt when he arrived. Obviously curious as to how close her catfish was, Lisa asks him what he sees. He responds with, “I’m near Buckingham Palace.” Was she close? Was she slipping into something a little more comfortable? Only time will tell.

4. You Live At Buckingham Palace?

A few minutes had past and JJ must have started to realize that something was amiss. Or perhaps he was just clueless enough to believe a random girl he met on Snapchat lived in or around Buckingham Palace. Regardless, he was probably willing to risk his humility for one night with two beautiful British girls in #3.

3. Tell Them Lisa Sent You

Lisa tells JJ to go ahead and park at Buckingham Palace. “Can I even do that?” he asks. “Of course,” she responds. She hasn’t lied to him once in this short digital relationship so why would she lie now? “That’s crazy,” he says. That certainly is crazy, JJ.

2. Did He Meet Royalty?

It is now after 1:00 am and JJ has some decisions to make. Does he attempt to go inside of Buckingham Palace in order to find his elusive threesome that he was promised earlier? Does he muster up whatever dignity he has left and begin to head back home? The obvious answer is found in #1.

1. The Lonely Ride Home

Business Insider

After no more responses from Lisa on Snapchat, he realized he had been catfished. One can only imagine the lonely drive back home. If a beautiful girl you have never met offers you a threesome, then you should probably think it through and not fall victim to being a lonely catfish.


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