A Gallery of the Most Shocking Historical Photos

4. Eerie Asylums


4. Eerie Asylums
Early 20th century mental institution

America is home to a number of abandoned asylums from the past when there was a huge supply of crazy people, and the poor souls had to endure ice pick lobotomies, frequent sedation, and brusque care.


5. Armenian Holocaust


5. Armenian Holocaust
Starving children

The Armenian Genocide was a series of heinous and systematic eliminations of the minority Armenian population of the Ottoman Empire by the Turkish government. Armenians were tortured, massacred, starved, deported or banished to the deserts to die a lingering death. This 1915 photograph of a Turkish government official mocking malnourished kids with a piece of bread is an example of the atrocities suffered during this grim period in history.


6. Classic/Antique Cars


6. ClassicAntique Cars
Kings of the unpaved road

Karl Benz invented the world’s first true automobile in 1886. By the 1920s, automobile ownership had surged, with every man desiring his own set of rather large wheels. Like these three guys in this 1925 photo who seem to be staring intently at their destination in what appears to be a 3-seater. At 25 miles per hour, we’re guessing these three would have had far from a wind-in-the-hair experience!


7. Wives Wanted


7. Wives Wanted
Desperate for love

In the early 1900s, men were more direct in stating their requirements – even when it came to finding partners. These woodsmen seem lonely alright but they’re not exactly wooing potential mates with their insensitive appeal. Or maybe that was the style back then, and women really dug the direct, straightforward approach.


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