The Funniest Spring Break Fails Of The 2017 Season

If you’ve taken a spring break trip, you probably know that plenty of hilarious things can and will happen to you and your group of friends. For your enjoyment, we’ve rounded up some of the funniest things to happen to people on spring break this year.

#2 might just be the best one.

13. Sweet Tan Lines, Bro

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This had to be a dare, right? Or maybe just a fun prank that was pulled on this kid when he fell asleep on the beach…

12. We Can Crop This, Right?

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This guy’s beach attire of choice is unique, to say the least. This was either caught at the perfect moment or was planned. Either way, it’s a memory to cherish forever.

11. High Five To The Chest

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Have you ever fallen asleep in direct sunlight with your hand on your chest? It’s something that this kid will never do again. On the bright side, that’s the only part of his body that isn’t on fire.

Speaking of bodies on fire, check out #10.

10. Who Did This?

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Either this guy got lost in a girl’s suitcase or he’s the life of the party. Either way, that bikini is way too stretched out to be saved.

9. It’s Not Even A Little Bit Cold, I Swear

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Not everyone goes to the beach on spring break, but we all wish we were at the beach. In that case, we get drunk, put on a bathing suit, and sit in the snow… you know, for fun.

8. Are Those… Yes, Yes They Are

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The sun is far too bright to risk hurting your eyes. So, if you don’t have sunglasses, underwear will do. Just so you know, it works.

7. Worst. Photobomb. Ever.

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They got all of their friends together to do one of those cool jump shots and this kid decided to ruin everything. Something tells us that he didn’t hear the end of it for the rest of the trip.

6. That’s What You Get For Wearing Crocs

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There are bad tan lines and then there are the tan lines you get from wearing Crocs. It’s just another reason that you shouldn’t be wearing these rubber shoes.

5. We Were All Supposed To Stay Single

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Have you ever been fooled by your friends? You’re invited out and everyone is single, but you soon realize that you were the fifth wheel all along?

If this kid saw what was going on in #4, he’d probably feel even worse.

4. These Dogs Got More Action Than Me On Spring Break

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When you think your friend is taking a picture of you because you look good in your swimsuit, just remember that there could be two dirty dogs behind you.

3. Ah, Memories!

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We’re not entirely sure which girl thought this photo would be a good idea, but it sure is interesting to look at. Sort of.

2. Whatever Floats Your (Motor)Boat

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When you’re in the water without a raft and all you want to do is have a leisurely float, you make do. If you think about it, this guy is actually a genius.

The girl in #1 is not a genius.

1. Totally Meant To Do That

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This chick was just showing off her nunchuck skills when she accidentally hit herself in the face. And she probably thought that no one noticed.


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