Pay Attention: Funniest Photos Shop Fails Ever !

Let’s admit it– we all wish to look good and we will do anything to achieve that perfect body and pretty face. However, these 16 hot girls already look great but they feel that it is not enough so they all decided to tweak how they look in their photographs using Photoshop. Luckily, these girls are already hot because they do not have the greatest Photoshop skills in the world.

Let’s look at how they photo turned out.

1. Bigger is always better

Funniest Photos Shop Fails

We all wish to have bigger boobs as it is a lot sexier but sadly, not everyone is naturally blessed with big boobs. Well, this lady has two choices: to have a breast implant or just simply edit her photos. Of course, anyone would go for the cheaper method. However, it looked like her arms got disfigured along the process.


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