Pay Attention: Funniest Photos Shop Fails Ever !


Let’s admit it– we all wish to look good and we will do anything to achieve that perfect body and pretty face. However, these 16 hot girls already look great but they feel that it is not enough so they all decided to tweak how they look in their photographs using Photoshop. Luckily, these girls are already hot because they do not have the greatest Photoshop skills in the world.

Let’s look at how they photo turned out.

1. Bigger is always better

Funniest Photos Shop Fails

We all wish to have bigger boobs as it is a lot sexier but sadly, not everyone is naturally blessed with big boobs. Well, this lady has two choices: to have a breast implant or just simply edit her photos. Of course, anyone would go for the cheaper method. However, it looked like her arms got disfigured along the process.

2. Just a little help from Photoshop

With a little help from Photoshop

These girls were not satisfied with how their ass looks. So instead of doing more squats and seeking help from their fitness instructor, they decided to enlist Photoshop’s help instead. Sadly, their gorgeous looking flooring betrayed their best intentions.

3. Look at how this girl worked that a**!

Work that photoshopped a** girl!Big butt– who would not want that? We all like to have that sexy ass that would certainly make men look twice. It looks like this lady wants it more than all of us as she was willing to take Photoshop into the next level just to get that ass.

4. Hot girl + Photoshop = Scary fingers

Hot girl with scary fingers


A sexy curve is certainly something men would wish to take a look at. Well, this lady certainly has the curves but for sure, men would shy away from meeting her because of her long and scary fingers. Just look at that big space between her pointing finger and middle finger! No one would like to shake their hands with that!

5. What a natural thin looking girl!

OMG – So natural thin

Again, this is one lady who wishes to have thin waist. But we think she took things a bit too far as her body looked incredibly unnatural after Photoshop. No matter how thin her waist its, we think men would be afraid to meet her because she looks like Barbie!

6. Wooooops


I think there are many things that are wrong in this picture. Would you care if I enumerate them all? For one, her hips is quite disproportional. It is a lot bigger on the left side. Additionally, we can tell that the photo has been edited– the way the door is morphed tells us so!

7. A simpler background would have been better!

She should have chosen a simpler background

It looks like Photoshop is widely useful for ladies who want bigger boobs, Time and time again, you would see edited photos of women to make their boobs a lot bigger. This trick would have worked well for this photo if only she chose a simpler background.

8. We wanted hard to believe that this was real

We really wanted to believe that this was real


Given the fact that she is wearing gym clothes and has a yoga mat with her, her big butt and small waist have high chances of looking realistic. Sadly, the warped background gave her away. If only she had her photo edited by a professional, she would have been able to achieve her dream body (even only in pictures).

9. Oh there’s Barbie!

We know what you did


With one glance, it looks like this lady is blessed with the sexiest waist and biggest boobs in the world. Her body would surely be the envy of many women out there. Well, take  a look at the red circle and you will instantly feel better for yourself.

10. More Photoshop workshops please!
 She needs to work on her Photoshop skills

This picture would have been perfect, only if she didn’t Photoshop it!We all love to have a flat tummy to impress the men and make the ladies go green with envy. If you want that body, we recommend that you avoid Photoshop at all costs and work your butt off instead.

11. So big that the curtains have to bend!

So big that they bends the curtains

This lady is very desperate to have bigger boobs. Well, she has certainly achieved it. Her boobs are so big that the curtains have to bend just to give way to it. Lesson learned: If you will use Photoshop, please steer clear of windows and curtains. Use a plain background instead!

12. Another one!

It’s hard to focus on the photoshopped part

It looks like these ladies are not going to stop editing their photos. In one picture, they edited their behind and waistline and they were not satisfied with that. They also did a double take and edited the front version of their pic. 

13. Another boob fail

This fail goes well with the – “this is all natural” face

Another fan of the big boob trend! Again, her boobs are so big that the wooden wall has to bend to go along with it! Oh, and let us not forget how “natural looking” her face is. The edited boob and the full makeup worked well with each other!

14. Oh how flexible can this one get!

She is so flexible

As they say, ballet and yoga can make your waist a lot thinner. But why would you want to work out if you can also achieve that using Photoshop? Oh, and can I just mention? This lady looks like Miranda Kerr so I guess she really did not have to edit her photos as she looks extremely hot already!

15. Those waves are eye catching!

Look at those waves

For many, their attention would be focused on how small this lady’s waistline is. However, photoshop experts will be amazed at how irregularly looking those waves are! Let us hope that this lady learns to go the normal way in achieving the perfect body. Or better yet, let’s hope she decided to take her photoshop skills to the next level!

16. Anyone would be jealous of that waistline!

What a waistline this girl haveAll of us wish to have that very thin waistline. Well, this lady is a lot more clever than all of us. Instead of cutting down on her calorie consumption and working her ass off to get that perfect waistline, she decided to go the easy way– photoshop! Just take a look at the morphed background!

These photoshop fails should be a lesson for all of us. The next time you decide to make some tweaks on your photos, make sure no one will notice that it is edited!