Fresh, Rare Photos Of Celebs Long Before They Were Famous


If you’ve got star quality, it will naturally shine through (or so they say). Yet, if you take a look at these youngsters, pictured a long time before many of them were famous, it doesn’t seem to be so obvious.

Here we have old pics of some of the world’s best-known actors, politicians and musicians. Pretty much the only thing that they have in common is how decidedly ordinary they all looked when they were young.

They could be the kid next door or the one sitting on the bus next to you today. These incredible images tell us one thing – you never know whose door that fame will knock on.

12 The Pebble

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was definitely shaping up to be the man that he became at the age of 15, but he’s not quite the awe-inspiring wrestler and actor of his future years either. Soon after this photo was taken, he’d go on to college on a full athletic scholarship.

11 Legend of the Spring

The world’s sexiest man to many people is Brad Pitt. But wasn’t he adorable as a youngster? This was 1977 and here he is, turning out with his basketball team. He’s in the front row, in the middle. The team was called “the Cherokee Rejects,” and Brad picked the name.

10 Life Before God

The man pictured here would go on to win an Oscar and star in a movie in the role of God. But before that, Morgan Freeman worked on the show The Electric Company. It’s incredible how much his personal vibe changed over the years, isn’t it? You’ll never believe who our next celeb is.

9 Day Lighting

The star of Moonlighting and Die Hard, Bruce Willis was a very different figure in his youth. Despite his lovely locks in this photograph, it may have been his hairdresser that convinced him to shave it all off and develop his trademark bald image. We’d have done the same in his shoes.

8 Batboy

Apparently, there’s not much to do when you’re young other than putting your feet up in front of the computer. To be fair, not much has changed in the years since Christian Bale was photographed like this. Except, of course, that Bale played the Batman. So, you know, not much.

7 Unmasked

Jim Carrey has had a rough ride in his life and it’s something that he often refers to in his stand-up comedy. Here we have the future star of Dumb and Dumber and The Mask at the age of 15. He quit school that year to take care of his family.

Check out Number 5 on this list, though. He’s completely transformed.

6 Unreported

Stephen Colbert, best known as the former host of The Colbert Report, was a really handsome guy when he was in college. We wonder if his current look is down to sleepless nights over roasting presidents in public? Whatever, we’re just glad he ditched the beard because that’s so last year.

5 The Fast and the Fashionable

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw this picture. This is Vin Diesel (Mark Sinclair), the star of XXX, the Chronicles of Riddick and The Fast and The Furious. This is him in high school. Will you recognize our next school-aged group in number four on our list?

4 The Larvae

Yes! This is The Beatles. Or more precisely, it’s their previous incarnation The Quarrymen, which was the school band of Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison. Ringo Starr, of course, wouldn’t join the band until much later, and isn’t in this photograph. Do they look like they’re about to go on and become the biggest music act in history to you?

3 The Devil’s Breakfast

For a band positively associated with looking worn out and old, The Rolling Stones were surprisingly young looking themselves once. This is before the drink, drugs and rock’n’roll had taken its toll.

However, if you think these guys look young, wait until you see number one on this list.

2 No Country for Young Men

Tommy Lee Jones would go on to be nominated for four Academy Awards and win won for his roles in critically-acclaimed films. He’s been a staple of show business for decades, but here he’s just a young, smooth-looking lad back in 1965. He’s pictured turning out for his high school football team.

1. The Wendy House

Before heading to the White House, Barack Obama spent a fair amount of time in a Wendy House. Look at how young the college-aged future president is here. We wonder if he could go back and talk to his younger self, would he do it all the same again?


We all have to grow up some time, don’t we? It’s amazing to see how fresh-faced and innocent some of the world’s most famous people once were and to think of how they look now in comparison.

For some, there seems to be a very slight toll to be paid for their celebrity. For others, there’s seemingly a much higher price.

Which celebrity picture here were you most surprised by? Which celebrities do you think have aged the best and which have seen the worst of the years? Let us know in the comments below, please.