Do These Freaky Images Show Real Demons?

This is a modern world. We live in an age of high technology and with that, we are beginning to surrender our superstitions.

We no longer cling to the terrors of being lost and alone without light, without shelter and without protection from the universe at large.

That leads to the rationalization of the phenomena we see around us. So when we find demons in images, we look for explanations that make sense to us.

So take a look at these 12 images and tell us what you think of the demons featured. Are they real or not? You certainly won’t believe number four.

12. The Unborn Damned

You can imagine the scene. An expectant mother, full of stress, goes to the hospital for her ultrasound. Then she’s given this image of what appears to be Satan’s love child. It wouldn’t be the best moment, would it? Fortunately, the ultrasound isn’t an accurate representation of the infant.

11. The Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt, according to the myth, are the elven or faerie demons that scour the earth looking for the souls of those who have given offense to their leaders. Perhaps that’s who this fellow is lurking behind the deer? Or maybe it’s just a trick of the light?

10. Pay Attention

It’s not the pair of slightly awkward teens that you’re looking at here. It’s the creepy skull demon thing looming out of the shadows in the bottom right corner of the image. We’re pretty certain that this is just an unusual shape caused by the lighting. Pretty certain.

9. Hell’s Lounge

The demonic eyes are most likely to have been caused by a flaw in the film that was used to capture the image or in the glass of the camera lens. But if you think that this is weird, you simply won’t believe what’s in image number six!

8. Demons Of The Flames

Look here, we have two demons for the price of one. One peering out of the left-hand side of the frame, straight for us and his friend over on the right. It’s very clear that this is simply a coincidence of the pattern in the flame but it’s quite creepy all the same.

7. Ape Lord

It could be a gorilla, right? Or it could be a yeti, or maybe, just maybe, it’s a demon? It certainly doesn’t look like a good fit for a great ape, that guy in the photo doesn’t look like he’s in the Congo, and this isn’t a trick of the light.

6. Scorching Satan

What’s most disturbing about this flame pattern is not the coincidental demonic face. It’s the fact that the face looks so much like our traditional portrayal of Satan. We’d have been genuinely disturbed if we’d have witnessed this fire demon at the time the picture was taken.

5. Dark Angel

This creepy shot was taken in Arizona. Perhaps it was taken on a Halloween evening and this was just an out-of-focus costume? Whatever the explanation, it looks just like a dark angel as portrayed in modern TV shows such as Supernatural or Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, doesn’t it?

4. Waiting For You

This ghostly image suggests that there’s a demonic figure lurking in the fireplace. However, it’s worth noting that the outline has been enhanced using Photoshop and it may be that the ash outline wasn’t all that demonic in the first place. You’ll find that image number three is even stranger.

3. Artist’s Impression

This is really messed up. It’s not a photograph, so determining “authenticity” isn’t straightforward, but what we do know is that if that demon isn’t real then it came straight out of the imagination of a human being. That’s pretty horrifying in its own right, isn’t it?

2. Something’s Watching You

The skull demon of the woods? We don’t know what it is that causes this skull and glowing eyes effect in this image. In fact, we’re not even sure that we want to know. This really is one of the creepiest demon shots we’ve seen. Make it stop, please.

1. Chimney Spook

This photograph taken down a disused chimney brings an unpleasant surprise. At the base of the shaft, there appears to a demonic creature climbing up towards the viewer. It’s probably just a pattern in the ashes that were left in the chimney, probably. We think we’d rather find Santa Claus in our chimney.

We’d definitely like to know what you think about all of this. Is there any such thing as demons? Are you a firm non-believer, a doubting Thomas or completely convinced that there are things we do not understand that lurk in the shadows?

Tell us about it and tell us which of the images you found to be most or least convincing in the comments below.

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