Former Starbucks Employee Spills The Beans, Reveals 12 Tips And Tricks For Ordering


Nearly everyone has enjoyed a nice cup of coffee at Starbucks at one point in their lives. It’s a common go-to coffee shop that offers quality brew at a decent price. Every customer has their special drink they like to order and claims to be a Starbucks expert. However, not many people understand the nuances of ordering at this coffee chain.

A former employee has revealed a list of things to remember about ordering at Starbucks, and even the biggest fans should heed her advice. Here is a list of the top 12 tips and tricks for ordering from your local Starbucks!



12. The Temperature Isn’t Perfect

If you find the temperature too uncomfortable to enjoy your cup of joe, there is really nothing the employees can do about it, so don’t even ask. If the room is too cold, bring a sweatshirt or a light jacket. If the shop is just a little too warm, go outside or go home.
11. What Do Different Color Aprons Mean?

The color of an employee’s apron actually means something. Regular employees will sport the green apron while holiday hires will wear the not-so-attractive brown apron. If you want your coffee made by a true professional, ask the person wearing the black apron as they have attended seminars and training courses and have practically made it an art form.

10. Leave Your Drama At The Door

Not giving a barista attitude should be a no-brainer. Not giving ANYONE who handles your food a bad attitude should be ingrained in the brain of every consumer. You never know when you are going to push that barista to the limit where they might decide to spit, or worse, in your hot coffee. Before we go to #9, know what you want to order!

9. Know What You Want

It is common courtesy to know exactly what you want when you get to the front of the line. It’s something the customers behind you, who are craving their caffeine, will appreciate. And it will also save some blank stares you receive from the barista who is patiently waiting for you to decide what you should have decided minutes ago.

8. Don’t Get Too Crazy With Your Order

Apparently, those who have short orders are seen as saviors in the eyes of Starbucks baristas. Myself, I order a black coffee with no room for cream. I might add a little sugar myself, but the barista usually spends less than a minute on my order. The same can’t be said for the person ordering a chai-vanilla latte with extra cream and a half shot of espresso… and the tears of a unicorn.
7. Know Starbucks’ Sizes

Even though a “grande” is small and a “tall” isn’t so tall, it is essential to know the size of the cups before you walk in. It’s kind of annoying but, let’s be honest, it’s really not that hard if you think about it. In case you are one of those people that get’s easily confused, try writing it down.

6. Standing Out Isn’t Always A Good Thing

Baristas tend to remember the orders that are the craziest and most exotic. For example, one person might order their favorite coffee with 10 pumps of syrup “because it looks cool” while another will always order extra caramel on a Frappuccino but no milk because “milk is fattening.” Don’t be that person.

5. Why Is Your Name Spelled Wrong?

Have you ever received your cup of Starbucks coffee only to realize the barista blatantly misspelled your name? As it turns out, many baristas do this on purpose to not only have a phonetic way to pronounce it when the beverage is ready but also because you’re more likely to share the mistake on social media.

4. Planting Yourself In A Spot For The Whole Day

The former barista also talks about those customers who order one espresso and then sit down at a table to work on their laptops all day. Apparently, buying one drink and using the coffee shops Wi-Fi is frowned upon. As a writer, I certainly have never done that before. If you decide to camp out, think about #3 before you get too hungry.

3. Looking Fresh Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Fresh

We know the pastries and sandwiches in the display window look fresh and delicious but that doesn’t mean the one you order will be. Starbucks locations in big cities will typically get the fresh product while more remote locations will tend to use leftovers or be forced to thaw out frozen product.

2. Limit Your Large Group’s Blended Frap Order

Summertime at Starbucks tends to be the worst time of year for its employees when scores of teenage girls ready to order multiple blended drinks at one time begin to hold up the line. In addition, people tend to complain when their drink takes too long even though the process doubles with a blended Frappuccino order.

1. In Case Of A Robbery

Like many stores, the higher-ups at Starbucks don’t want their employees to confront someone who is trying to rob the store. They are told to comply with any requests made by the criminal and get them out of the store as fast as possible before calling the cops. Not only do cameras usually catch the culprit, but also Starbucks is a multi-billion dollar company and can afford a day’s worth of lost profit.

As you have read through this list, did you find that you may be one of those people who does something to annoy the living daylights out of your Starbucks barista? Chances are, you did find something for which you are guilty of. Don’t fret, there is always room for change.

If you want to be on your barista’s good side, start practicing your proper Starbucks etiquette the next time you enjoy your delicious cup of coffee. Basically, be nice, always know what you want, and K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid). Your fellow patrons and your barista will thank you.