Forget Zombies: 10 Impending Apocal...

Forget Zombies: 10 Impending Apocalypses We Won’t Survive

As you enjoy watching your favorite zombie shows, you pretty much know there’s nothing to fear from hordes of walking dead. However, you should definitely sit up and take notice of some terrifying real life threats that may lead to a huge apocalyptic event, destroying life as you know it.

Ominous threats like the one in slide #2, may not seem like that big of a deal, but when combined with the threat we face in slide #5, things aren’t looking too rosy. If that doesn’t alarm you, threats #8 and #10 can easily wipe out humanity in record time.

10. Animal Habitat Loss

Human population growth and the expansion of large cities is encroaching on natural animal habitats. Increasingly, some animals are seeking shelter near homes, and that can be a problem for humans and animals.

While animals struggle to survive, increasing numbers of people are suffering from terrible viral diseases after coming into contact with infected animals.

9. Disappearance Of Bees

If you routinely go to the supermarket to buy food, you should be worried about the drastic drop in the bee population. Bees aren’t just buzzing about, we rely on them to pollinate food crops, which sustain human life.

If bees go extinct, many crops will wither and die out, and humans won’t be far behind.

8. Solar Storms

Imagine every city in an entire country going completely dark for months. Flares from a massive solar storm have hit the earth before, knocking out electrical grids for miles around.

Destructive solar storms wreaked havoc in 1859 and 1989, causing millions to go without power. There’s no telling how large the next one will be.

7. Climate Change

Something really bad is happening to our planet. Glaciers that used to be reliably frozen solid are melting away. Cold is being replaced by balmy weather during a typical winter season. Eventually, climate change is going to cause severe weather events like we’ve never seen before. Unfortunately, we’re not ready for it.

6. Mega-City Chaos

Increasingly, people are moving away from the countryside into large urban areas. This urbanization has led to the creation and growth of mega-cities, which are home to 10 million or more city dwellers.

People crammed into close living spaces are faced with the rapid spread of disease, and many may experience food, water, and housing shortages.

5. Super-volcanoes

Volcanoes are the earth’s way of blowing off steam. Supervolcanoes, such as those found in Italy and Yellowstone National Park, can erupt at any time, triggering a massive explosion.

Supervolcanoes are miles in length and typically have numerous craters and vents. When they erupt, they can spew enough ash to block out the rays of the sun, causing global cooling.

4. Artificial Intelligence Take Over

Artificial intelligence is no longer a fantasy only found in sci-fi TV shows and movies. Computers are becoming faster, better, and smarter. AI home assistants are talking to us, and soon we’ll be riding in self-driving vehicles.

No one knows what happens when smart, sophisticated devices become superintellilgent to the point of running our lives. Will machines rule the world?

3. Nuclear War

So far, humanity has been able to successfully avoid an all-out nuclear war. Diplomacy and treaties are keeping humanity safe for the time being, but it only takes one crazy rouge leader, or a misunderstanding between two or more countries with nuclear weapons, to bring the world to the brink of a nuclear winter.

2. Pandemic Outbreak-Related Social Collapse

Fortunately, modern medicine has come a long way since the days of the Bubonic Plague, and much is known about how to contain a plague before it spreads.

Still, many watched in horror as Ebola spread from one African country to the next, seemingly unstoppable. These types of widespread pandemics can quickly collapse entire societies, creating panic and chaos.

1. Mega Asteroids

There was a time in earth’s history when dinosaurs lumbered about, eating, mating, and fighting for dominance. The world they inhabited ended with the devastating impact of a massive asteroid.

Could a dinosaur-killing asteroid be in our future? Probably not for another 100 million years, but there are plenty of lesser asteroids capable of causing major damage.

History proves time and again that there’s no accurate way to predict when, or if, a devastating world apocalypse is going to occur. While unpredictable, the conditions for such an event are certainly cued up, but no one knows what’s going to be the final straw that causes a major tipping point.

One of the great things about watching zombie shows is that they provide a glimpse of what it’s like to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. The good news is that science and technology can warn us about impending catastrophe, and you should hopefully have days or months to get ready for the real deal.


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