Tune into any hit show long enough, and you’re bound to hear rumors about behind the scenes antics of certain cast members. It’s not unusual for actors, showrunners, and crew to have creative differences. In fact, every TV show has its ups and downs, but certain shows seem to have more bickering and backstabbing than others.

Check out slide #8 to see which actress is causing diva pains for Empire. See slide #4 to find out who holds a burning grudge against her co-stars, and click all the way to the end to see which bad boy was kicked off his own show for being too much like his character.

10. Community

Chevy Chase pissed off showrunner Dan Harmon when he walked off the set during the last day of shooting. Chevy’s actions ruined a crucial final shot, and Harmon got back at Chase by publicly berating him at the show’s wrap party. Chevy then retaliated by leaving Harmon a profanity-laced voice mail message. Chase quit, and Harmon got booted.

9. Glee

Rumors swirled that behind the scenes of Glee show stars Lea Michele and Naya Rivera often butted heads. Show creator Ryan Murphy admits these rumors are true. Murphy also reveals that fights among the show’s male stars were also common. Apparently, it’s hard to stay gleeful when the pressure’s on, and fame arrives swiftly.

8. Empire

Fans of Empire love the show’s over-the-top drama. Rumor has it that guest actress Nia Long and the show’s resident diva, Taraji P. Henson, are at odds with each other. Adding to the real life drama, the actor who plays Lucious’ half-brother was recently arrested for domestic violence. Life imitating art?

7. Charmed

Shannon Doherty already had a bad girl reputation from her time on Beverly Hills 90201. Her behavior on the set of Charmed didn’t do anything to improve her rep. While Doherty and co-star Holly Marie Combs were besties, Doherty and Alyssa Milano fought constantly. Doherty’s witchy ways got her character killed off. Bye Brenda.

6. Taxi

Audiences fell in love with Andy Kaufman’s Taxi character, Latka Gravas. The sweet-natured mechanic with the funny foreign accent was hysterical. Kaufman’s lounge singer alter-ego, Tony Clifton, was also supposed to appear regularly. Kaufman purposely sabotaged Clifton’s show rehearsal and Clifton was fired for acting like a jerk to everyone on set. Yes, this is weird.

5. Star Trek: The Next Generation

By the time Star Trek: TNG made its TV debut, series creator Gene Roddenberry was suffering from a multitude of debilitating illnesses. Yet, despite his declining health, he maintained an iron grip on story creation. Roddenberry had a team of talented writers, but 24 of them bailed out thanks to Roddenberry’s refusal to consider their ideas.

4. The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

Janet Hubert, the actress who played Aunt Viv for three seasons of this hit show, still carries a grudge against her former castmates, especially Will Smith. She’s never gotten over being fired from the show, even though she admits to being a pain in the butt to cast and crew. She recently attacked Alphonso Ribero on social media. Will she ever let it go?

3. Grey’s Anatomy

Isaiah Washington had a good thing going on Grey’s Anatomy until he reportedly called co-star T.J. knight a derogatory homophobic slur. Patrick Dempsey got so angry at this disrespect he and Washington almost got into a physical fight. Washington was fired. Katherine Heigl’s public show bashing and diva attitude got her canned as well.

2. Growing Pains

Before Leonardo DiCaprio eclipsed him, Kirk Cameron was the biggest star of Growing Pains. When Cameron got that old time religion, he decided to use his considerable star power to make demands. He insisted on morally pure story lines and attempted to get co-star Julie McCullough fired. Her sin? She posed for Playboy magazine.

1. Two And A Half Men

Charlie Sheen attracted a huge following during his stint on Two And a Half Men. Many fans felt he was playing himself, a charming rich rogue. Unfortunately, Sheen’s drug habit and big ego did him in. When Angus T. Jones, the show’s kid star, publicly called the show filth, his character gradually disappeared into permanent irrelevancy.

Being cast as an actor on a TV show that turns into a major hit can be both a blessing and a curse for people working on the show. Fame can go to people’s heads, causing them to act out in ways that cause strife on the set. The clash of big egos often leads to fights and manipulative behavior than push actors and crew to the breaking point.

Of course, all of this gossip about infighting make fans eager to know all the juicy details about set meltdowns. Explosive off-screen drama is often every bit as sizzling as what happens on screen.