How A Family Of 3 Turned Into A Family Of 10 In Less Than A Year


It is heartbreaking when a child is born into this world without a mother or a father. It’s even more unsettling when a group of siblings is orphaned and sent to the foster system. It can be a long time before those kids experience what it’s like to be a family again. Not for these kids.

If you’re looking for some good news in this crazy world we live in, read on for a story that will lift your spirits!

10. Say Hi To The Clark Family

The Clark family lives in Rincon, Georgia with their 3-year-old son Noah. Raising one kid seems pretty easy unless you’ve been a parent before. When Josh and Jessaka married each other, they talked about possibly adopting a child. They had no idea how serious they were as the story continues at #9.

9. The First Child

Noah was born a couple of years after their wedding. They were blessed with a beautiful baby boy. The Clarks also realized there are plenty of children in the world who do not know what it’s like to have a loving family. They began to discuss taking in foster children.

8. Call From The Case Worker

One day, Josh answered a call from a case worker about taking on seven children into foster care. Jessaka remembers, “Josh hung up the phone and said, ‘What do you think of seven?’ and I said, ‘A 7-year-old?” Head over to #7 to find out what “seven” really meant.

7. How Many Kids?!

“No, seven kids,” said Josh Clark. The couple decided to take their time, really think about what they would be getting themselves into, and pray about the situation. The next April morning, Josh said they “woke up and said the same thing to each other, ‘If not us, then who?'”

6. The Super Seven

The seven siblings moved in with the Clarks in August of 2016 as foster children. Josh lovingly dubbed the brothers and sisters “The Super Seven” as they accepted them into their home. The new family of 10 were now sharing a 3-bedroom house. Let’s get to know the new additions to the Clark family in #5.

5. The Latest Additions

The eldest sibling is named Maria and she is 14-years-old. Next, we have Elizabet who is 11. The oldest boy is named Guillermo and he is 10. Born after him is 8-year-old Jason. Kristina and Katerin are both 7-years-old. And James is the youngest of the siblings, who can count his age on one open hand.

4. Toddler Time Warp

The Clarks already had Noah, who was too young to start school. “The hardest part to get used to actually was having school-age kids,” Clark recalls. “I remember the first time they came home with homework and I had to figure out how to help six kids with their homework.”

3. All Night Is Homework Night

Jessaka explained, “We didn’t get done with homework until 8 p.m. that night but we finally figured out a routine.” Find a routine they did. The family meshed really well together and this was a perfect place for the young orphaned siblings to wait. The children had their fears, which are all explained in #2.

2. Hardships Were Had

The family had their fair share of worries. For instance, the eldest children seemed wary of growing too accustomed to their new home. They wanted it to be their forever home so badly. Little did they know they were in for a huge surprise. The Clarks would be taking the “foster” off of their title and adopting all seven kids!

1. A New Forever Home?

The Clarks instantly became local heroes. “It was full of emotion,” Jessaka said of the adoption ceremony. “Honestly it’s still surreal to me.” If she is that excited, can you imagine how the Super Seven feel? The Clarks had everything they needed. The local community stepped up with thousands of dollars in donations.

The Clarks immediately noticed a difference in the children, who had a loving family that wanted to keep them. “We’ve seen a change in behavior even since the adoption, a turn to, ‘I don’t have to keep my bags packed.’”

Case worker Susan Boatright says the Clarks are an exceptional couple who understand that siblings should stay together. “Siblings who are adopted together are able to maintain an important family bond and tend to have an easier time transitioning to a new home in what would otherwise be a difficult time in their lives.”

May is National Foster Care Month. This one is definitely dedicated to the Clarks.