Every Stereotype This Sexy “Dwarf” Is Crushing [PICS]

There are roughly 60,000 people on the earth living under 4’10” tall leading healthy, productive lives. They can be found in every country and are of every race. In the past, even the recent past, people with dwarfism have been terribly mistreated and even looked upon in disgust, but television and social media have started to shine light on what it’s really like to live with dwarfism.

The acceptance has become so widespread that it’s even become a source of envy for us…”average-sized” people.

Meet Karina Lemos, an actress/model/dancer who’s crushing every stereotype you’ve ever heard about dwarfism and paving the way for other individuals with dwarfism to follow their dreams. Dubbed “sexiest little person on earth,” Mrs. Lemos has some things she’d like us all to know.

12. Dwarfs Are Freaks Of Nature

Why are dwarfs dubbed “freaks of nature?” Dwarfism is not a disability and it’s not a disease. The only differences between dwarfs and “non-dwarfs” are cosmetic differences. In the case of Karina Lemos, those cosmetic differences are way too good to be true. Sure, she can be categorized as a freak, but it’s the kind of freak you’d like.

11. Dwarfs Can’t Be Taller Than Four Feet

Myth: If you’re a dwarf, you’re under 4 feet tall. Wrong. Mrs. Lemos stands at 4’3″. The average height for a woman is 5’4″, so she’s a head shorter than you, but with her heels on and you in flats, there’s barely a difference. Even if there wasn’t, you’d still feel intimidated. Admit it.

10. Dwarfs Aren’t Sexy

If anything, Lemos has organically pioneered a campaign to kill the idea that little people aren’t sexy. The following she’s accumulated since a video of her dancing on Brazilian television went viral and has grown to over 125,000 views. Every day, she has men (and women) telling her how desirable she is. She’s happy to be breaking beauty standards. Keep reading to find out WHO she gives her love to.

9. Dwarfs Don’t Lead Exciting Love Lives

The idea that your love life is better because you’re not a dwarf is ridiculous. Lemos talks candidly about her love life, showing off her bae as often as possible. And no, he’s not a little person. She posts pictures of them together weekly. She claims it was her confidence that attracted him, confidence wasn’t something he added to her life.

8. Dwarfs Are Here To Entertain Us

Though Lemos’ fame came from being on television, the narrative has always been real life. Typically when you see dwarfs on TV, they’re being made fun of or in ridiculous roles that dehumanize them. Lemos’ fame came only by being who she is. That’s the very thing that keeps drawing so many fans to her.

7. Dwarfs Are “Social Outcasts”

This stereotype that dwarfs are social outcasts is not applicable to Lemos’ life. Her social media accounts are full of friends, family and fans. Usually, what keeps little people from socializing is the predispositions of society and its cruelty. People like Katrina are breaking the timidity the rest of the people with dwarfism have to truly engage this life. She’s fearless!

6. Heightism Isn’t A Thing

Wrong. Heightism is indeed a real discrimination. Any time you see a little person and think of them as less desirable mentally and physically because of their height, you’re the living definition of heightism. Karina has cured many. “I know that people find me attractive, because they have told me so many times,” she said.  Keep scrolling to find out more about what this sexy dwarf does for a living.

5. Dwarfs Have Low Self-Esteem

The reason Karina’s story is big news: self-esteem. She has it and she’s passing it along to other women with dwarfism. She’s passing it along to other women in general. The message is: you can attract the eyes of the world by being who you are. When was the last time you saw a female dwarf attract the attention of the whole world? That’s why Karina’s story is everywhere. We all want female heroes who defy beauty standards. Thanks, Karina.

4. Dwarfs Are Un-Athletic

One of the biggest stereotypes Ms. Lemos has rejected is the notion that she’s supposed to be unathletic because she’s a little person. When being reminded of the stereotypes in an interview, she laughed and said, “I put in a lot of hard work to stay in shape.” Karina is a professional dancer. There is nothing unathletic about that.

3. Dwarfs Shouldn’t Have Children

Dwarfs absolutely have the right to have children. If both parents have Achondroplasia, it’s a 50% chance their child will have dwarfism. If one parent has the gene, then the likelihood is 25%. It is possible for two “average-height” individuals with no history of achondroplasia to have a child with dwarfism. There’s no way to confirm the height of Karina’s parents, but she’s been on Brazilian television talking about starting a family of her own with her bae. I’m sure Karina will raise their child to be as confident as she.

2. Dwarfs Are Too Childish

This is super insulting for one, and also untrue. Since Karina’s debut, other little people have been making video testimonials of their lives and posting them to platforms such as YouTube to share with society how wrong they’ve been about dwarfism for so long. One mom shared her biggest frustration to be when people discard her as lazy when she is truly more hardworking than most “average” adults. Karina’s story has had a rippling effect.

1. Dwarfs Aren’t Influential People

The definition of influence is, “the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something else.” Karina Lemos can definitely be defined as an influential person. She’s affected the character of individuals by challenging their stereotypes. She’s developed self esteem in other people with dwarfism who follow her. Those who would’ve never placed a little person on a list of the world’s most sexy, are doing so now that they’ve met Karina. Those who never thought they’d be considered sexy, are considering themselves so now, because of Karina.

If you can relate to Karina’s story, feel free to comment with your own experiences. If you have dwarfism and know of other stereotypes that need to be broken, feel free to give feedback. If you have other information on Karina Lemos that you find fascinating, please, add your links below.

If you found this article to be empowering, share it with your friends, or if you just outright clicked because you saw the words “sexy” and “dwarf” together and had to see it for yourself, we’re glad you did.

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