Ever Since This Amazing Colored Ice...

Ever Since This Amazing Colored Ice Igloo Was Made, Nobody Will Probably Bother To Build a White Plain Igloo Again. Ever.

Once upon a time in Edmonton, Canada, there lived a beautiful Princess named Kathleen Starrie. When her New Zealander and recent civil engineering graduate Prince Charming Daniel Gray came to visit her and was about to spend the winter break with her family, Brigid Burton, her mom, proposed a challenge for him. In order to gain their approval (and also to keep him busy during his visit), he had to build a colored ice igloo out of colorful ice blocks in their backyard.

“I wanted to keep him occupied, not with my daughter necessarily. I wanted to keep him busy with something else,” Starrie’s protective mother Brigid Burton said with a laugh, “I didn’t want Daniel to just be twiddling his thumbs while he’s here in Canada so I thought, this needs to be something that’s got some meat to it.”

Little did Daniel know, Brigid had begun preparing months ago, when she started collecting hundreds of milk cartons to make this truly magnificent structure happen.

Where It All Started...
Filling the Milk Cartons with Colored Water

She later filled each carton with water mixed with food coloring and were then frozen to form colorful translucent ice bricks. She hoped Daniel’s engineering skills would do the rest.

Filling the Milk Cartons with Colored Water

Gray Accepted The Challenge

As gentleman and champ as he is, Daniel happily accepted the challenge to build the magical ice cavern.

And so the construction began…

Daniel, together with Kathleen’s family and neighbors, started out by clearing out some snow to create the base for the Igloo. They created a circle with a size of how big they want its inside to be.

Preparing The Base
Creating the First Layer

Then, they started stacking the colored ice blocks onto each other to form a circle.

The Very First Layer
Holding The Blocks Together

To hold the bricks together, Daniel used a mixture called, snowcrete. “(It) is just snow and water but, it sticks really well to the ice,” he explained. “The snowcrete just shaped and molded however you wanted so it made it possible.”

Piling the Snow Crete To Bond the Bricks Together
Just do the same thing all over again on the following layers.

Be sure to smooth the edges of the blocks. Place them in a circle while working your way up.

And then, again…
And again…


 And at last, there’s one visually striking, truly magnificent colored ice igloo.
colored ice iglooAnd look, it lights up from the inside! How cool is that?!
Lights up from the inside
And then,  the lovely couple lived happily ever after…

Happily enough, Prince Charming Daniel passed the test! And even when the -25°F weather made it seem impossible, Daniel was able to complete the amazing colored ice igloo with the help of Kathleen’s family and neighbors. It took them nearly 150 hours and over 500 ice blocks for this magnificent masterpiece.
The Lovely Couple

Thanks to Brigid Burton’s ingenious idea, no one will probably ever build a plain, white ol’ plain igloo ever again after seeing this. So for the next winter break, instead of staying in the house and mere twiddle thumbs with your partner, you now have an idea of an awesome guaranteed activity that will keep both of you productive and having fun at the same time! Try it, would ya’?

You can find a full recap and video segment by Global Edmonton. For more information, check it out on Reddit. 



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