35 Photos Show Emma Watson’s Beauty Evolution

Born on 15th April 1990 Emma Watson has acted only in school plays before she became “Hermione Granger” in Harry potter series of films. She played the role for the first time in 2001 and became popular overnight. In total, she has played in 8 Harry Potter films and all of them became very popular. It was in 2011 when she acted in the last of the Harry Potter films. She earned praise from critics and money amounting to over £10 million from these films alone. Afterwards, Emma Watson Beauty has been a feature in many other fields.

Even after 2011 she continued her career in acting and at the same time she pursued her education in both Oxford University and Brown University. Finally, she won her bachelor’s degree also. Her subject was English Literature. In the mean time, she has undertaken some modeling work as well. In 2014 the actor was chosen as the British Artist of the Year, that was Emma Watson Beauty.

Even with modeling Emma Watson Beauty has earned a lot of accolades. The actress appeared in a photo shoot for Teen Vogue, becoming the youngest model to adorn the cover page of the popular magazine. In June 2009 Watson partnered with Burberry and became their face for the year 2010. In this case she was partnered by her brother as well. She was also involved with People Tree a fashion brand of Fair Tree. She helped the company to come out with a line of clothing. Finally, Emma Watson Beauty will be seen by movie audiences again in the new film that is going to be shot soon entitled “Beauty and the Beast”. She will play the role of Belle. It is interesting to look at her fairy tale rise to fame as an actress and a model many people love to see.

1- Birth of a Star
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Story started with Emma Watson Beauty in August 2000 Emma Watson appears in a photo call of Harry Potter.

2- Appeared in Premier in New York
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This is how the popular actress appeared at the premiere of the film Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone that took place in New York City.

3- Chamber of Secrets
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Emma Watson Beauty was the word around and this is how she showed up when Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets premiered in November 2002.

4- Premier in London
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This is how she looked when Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets premiered in London in November 2002.

5- As Hermione Ganger
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Emma Watson as Hermione Ganger in Harry Potter.

6- In Los Angeles
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This is a picture of Emma Watson Beauty as she appeared in the premiere of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets held in Los Angeles.

7- Lord of the Rings
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The well known actress in 2003 when appeared in the premiere of Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King held in London.

8- The Prisoner of Azkaban
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Watson’s appearance in 2003 when Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban premiered in London.

9- Now in New York
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This picture has been taken in New York when the actress appeared for the premiere of Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban.

10- Emma Watson Beauty in 2004 in London
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This is how Emma Watson Beauty was seen in 2004 when she appeared for the premiere of Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed held in London.

11- Premier Goblet of Fire
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This picture of the famous actress was taken in 2005 in New York City as she appeared when Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire premiered.

12- Wearing White
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This is how she looked when the same film was premiered in London in the same year.

13- Harry Potter and the Goblet
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This picture of Emma Watson has been taken in October 2005 when she appeared for a photo call in London in connection with Harry Potter and the Goblet.

14- Sony Ericson Empire Film Awards
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This is a March 2005 picture of the actress as she presented herself for Sony Ericson Empire Film Awards.

15- Picks BAFTA Award
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A February picture of Emma Watson Beauty when she appeared for BAFTA awards.

16- In Driving Lessons
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2006 September photograph of the actress when she came for the premiere of “Driving Lessons” held in London.

17- As Hermione Ganger
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This June 2007 picture shows how she appeared as Hermione Ganger in Harry Potter.

18- In 2007 at a Dinner
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This June 2007 photograph of the Actress was taken when second annual dinner of Raisa Gorbachev Foundation was held.

19- With Her Famouos Wand
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A July 2007 picture of the actress when she was present at the time of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix premiered.

20- At The Chanel Show
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This October 2008 Photograph of Emma Watson beauty has been taken when the actress was present in Paris Fashion Week’s Chanel Show.

21 May 2009 ‘Interview’ on Mag Front
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The official page of famous “Interview” mag, founded by Andy Warhol in 1969. Amma was just 19 when she covered the title page. She once asked if it would be possible for getting her a ticket to some fashion show in Paris— may be little did she know that the designer’s PR would have picked her up in a helicopter if they had known she wanted to attend.

22- 2009 in London
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This is how Emma Watson appeared in July 2009 when Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince premiered in London.

23- Glamour & Fame Together
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The well known actress at BAFTA awards in 2009.

24- Burberry Fashion 2010
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The rare photographs capture the mood of three of the Burberry fashion collections, Prorsum, London and Brit, all these were designed by Christopher Bailey, who was named as British ‘designer of the year’ 2010.

25- New Haircut in Aug 2010
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She then turned up with a new look altogether bringing a bold haircut that still made her astounding and cool at the same time. She had decided to experiment and coming up with a different look by cutting her hair into an edgy new ‘do. Later the actress was almost unrecognizable as she showed off herself while getting a cab in New York with her friends. Noticeably, wearing a chic striped top and cropped summery trousers, her new look was almost wizarding worlds away from her typical innocent schoolgirl Hermione she appeared in the Harry Potter franchise.

26- BAFTA Awards Feb 2011
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She kept her hair the same but became more dazzling. Made the biggest night for the British film industry that year as the great and the good gathered in London for the famous Bafta British Academy Film awards. Of course, no star-studded showbiz occasion would be final without oodles of red carpet glamour. And she led the charge for home grown beauty as she shone on Royal Opera House red carpet at the  in a stunning floor length nude gown.

27- In Paris for Brands
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The next month March 2011, Emma Watson was in Paris and caused quite a stir with her fans. It was the shooting an ad for Lancome. She was quick, spent no time starting her work on the campaign with Mario Testino, after she announced her involvement with the beauty brand. She though, took plenty of time to focus on the new endorsement deals, her clothing line, and then the promotion for the final Harry Potter movie.

28- TIFF Premiere 2012
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Emma Watson and Nina Dobrev both hit the red carpet together at their film The Perks of Being Wallflower premiere. It was 2012 Toronto International Film Festival at the Ryerson Theatre, Toronto.  Here both ladies were joined at the occasion with their co-stars Logan Lerman, Ezra Miller, Mae Whitman, Johnny Simmons, and Reece Thompson.

29- Oct 2012: 19th Annual ELLE Celebrations
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Emma Watson silenced everybody around when Emma Watson, recipient of the “Calvin Klein Collection Emerging Star Spotlight Award,” in Calvin Klein Collection at the 19th Annual ELLE Women in Hollywood celebration. Isn’t Emma Watson always a welcome delight? Walking in the sprawling Four Seasons in a pretty lbd, Emma Watson once again captured hearts with her stunning smile and amazing presence at the party and the red carpet.

30- 39th Annual People’s Choice Award 2013
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Emma Watson having an entirely separate look, answered questions in the press room at the 39th Annual People’s Choice Awards held at Nokia Theater L.A. This is an American awards show to recognize the people and the work of popular culture, while general public votes for the award. This being an annual show is in place since 1975.

31- MTV Movie Awards 2013 in LA
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Emma Watson received the MTV Movie Awards Trailblazer Award to honor her in LA. Emma’s statue was presented to her presented to her by Eddie Redmayne and Logan Lerman and that was even sweeter. Emma had costarred with Eddie in My Week With Marilyn and played opposite Logan in The Perks of Being a Wallflower. That was so sweet to tell that Emma and Logan were also in the running for best kiss, but they lost out to Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. She however, had shot at taking home the best female performance statue. This was for her magnificent role in Perks.

32- Ed Sullivan Theater New York 2014
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Emma Watson attired herself with a black suit when she arrived at the Ed Sullivan Theater for appearing on The Late Show With David Letterman in New York City.  Then 23-year-old English actress was on hand to promote her very much waited film Noah, which was about to be shown in theaters for a debut.

33- 2014 Oscars
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And in March she was at 2014 Oscars too. She brought a touch of magic to the famous Academy Awards red carpet wearing a stunning floor-length dress.

34- UK-Premiere-Noah
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Emma Watson Beauty is completely out of Harry Potter as the slimline Emma opts for control pants! Woe, she flashes some leg in a daring thigh-split gown at the event.

35- To Be Or Not To Be in 2015
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Woman’s Day reports that Prince Harry then invited Emma to meet via an email – though 12 of her friends went along to make Emma feel more comfortable. Rumors blossomed the air making rounds about the secret dating (Emma Watson and Prince Harry). This reportedly happened when  Watson broke up with her rugby player boyfriend. The actress however, recently opted to Twitter and discouraged the followers from believing what media claims. She rejected the possibility of believing what media says. Well, that could be just a rumor!

When you look at these series of pictures you can easily understand the way she has passed various milestones from being a cute little girl to become a glamorous actress over a decade. It is her beauty, the in born talent and the dedication to her acting and modeling. In the meantime she has acquired academic qualifications as well.

Acting was in her blood and she was interested in acting from the age of 6 years. In order to fulfill this desire she attended Stagecoach Theatre of Arts’ Oxford branch in order to learn the finer point of acting. By the time she was 10 years old she has learned a lot on acting, singing and dancing. When the cast for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone to be found, it was her teacher who brought Emma Watson Beauty to the notice of the casting agents. Finally, after holding a number of auditions they have chosen Emma for the cast of the film.

This is how Emma Watson’s acting career got off to a flying start. She made her cinematic debut in 2001 with this first Harry Potter film. This film has been able to break a number of records on ticket sales and was a highly successful one. There was a lot of praise from critics to the three actors around whom the story unfolded. Starting as a star actress Emma Watson Beauty has grown up with films and finally she is going to become a Disney princess.  Have your fingers crossed until the latest from Emma Watson appears.

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