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Relationship Advice | Eleven Things A Woman Should Never Do For Love

We all know that love is powerful. However, women should understand the fact that being a whole person is the best way to experience a fulfilling love. Don’t you ever allow someone to change the way you are just because you want to please them. You are the master of your own faith. Never allow someone to rule over you just because you want to please them! If you wish to love the right way, you must never sacrifice your happiness just to make your loved one happy. Keep those things that fulfill you and avoid doing these relationship advice for the sake of love:

1 – Choose Her Man Over her Dreams
Woman should never do for love
Choose between him and your dreams


If you have long been dying to travel alone or pursue a certain career, do not let love interfere with what you wish to do. Keep in mind that the one who truly loves you will not let you choose between him and your dreams. In the event that you were asked to made a choice, the man you think you love is not worth it.

2 – Give Up Her Morals
Woman should never do for love
Learn and accept who you are


All of us have a set of morals that we must adhere to. In the event that your man does not share your morals, he must, at the very least, try to respect it not change it. Your morals make up who you are and he must learn to love and accept that.

3 – Make Changes To How She Looks

Woman should never do for love

Your style is a part of who you are and someone who loves you will not wish to change that. If your guy pressures you to dress in a certain way or copy the way other girls dress, he is doing you a great disservice.

4 – Stop Bonding With Her Girlfriends
Woman should never do for love
you should not spend all your time with him only


While your man is the most important person in your life at the moment, you should not spend all your time with him only. There are other people who you must share your time with– family and friends.

5 – Pretend to be Someone She’s Not
Woman should never do for love
Do not act like a damsel in distress

When you are acting as someone who you are not, your man will love you for someone who you are not. Do not act like a damsel in distress, thinking that it is the perfect way for you to catch a man’s attention. Toughen up and you are sure to get the attention of a true man.

6 – Deprive Herself of Food
Woman should never do for love
Eat right and exercise properly


There is nothing wrong in wishing to be attractive and acting on it. Being fit and healthy is good but not eating at all can be more disastrous than beneficial. Eat right and exercise properly– that is the only way to being attractive.

7 – Allow Herself To Be Manipulated
Woman should never do for love
Let her herself be manipulated

Letting a man run her life is the worst thing that a woman can do to herself. While there is nothing wrong in considering your partner’s suggestions on the big decisions on your life, he should not have the final say.

8 – Do Things She Doesn’t Want To Do
Woman should never do for love
Don’t do things if you’re not ready for it


Having kids will bring about a big change in your life and if you are not yet ready for it, do not let a man to persuade you to have one.

9 – Overlook Who She Really is
Woman should never do for love
don’t just be impress your someone to love


You know who you are—inside and out. Never ever sacrifice that just to impress someone you love. There is nothing wrong if you would change yourself but you should only do so if that is what you want.

10 – Burn Bridges With Someone Important To You
Woman should never do for love
don’t cut the bridges with your loved ones


Cutting off someone from your life is a big thing to do for someone you love. In the event that you understand the reason why your loved one wants someone out of your life, then be careful not to hurt that person as you cut him out of life.

11 – Settle
Woman should never do for love
You must to know the difference between settling and compromising

You know what you want and you know what you deserve and you must get that. There is nothing wrong with compromising but you should know the difference between compromising and settling. Don’t forget to spread the word to your girlfriends and to all the women out there. They need this advice too!



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