Don’t Let Her Hotness Fool You: 10 Signs She’s Totally Crazy

Have you ever gotten so caught up in a girl’s good looks that you didn’t hear her tell the story about how she went to prison? Don’t worry, it happens to best of us, but there are little scary signals you can look for to keep you from the crazy.

You can’t let her hotness or how good she was in bed distract you from the cold hard facts. Crazy girls can’t keep their crazy hidden for very long, so you need to look for things like #4 as soon as you can. It’s up to you to pay attention.

10. The Sex Is Great — But She Cries Way Too Soon

She blows your mind (among other things), and then cries two nights later when you tell her you can’t meet her for drinks because you have to work. Those emotional mood swings aren’t going anywhere, so you probably should. This girl is a pro at using her “poor me” attitude to get what she wants.

9. She’s Always The Victim

Whether it’s breakups, fights, or losing a job, this girl is never at fault. You don’t want to find yourself attached to someone who can’t take responsibility for anything, no matter how hot she is. So do yourself a favor and skedaddle or you’ll be one she blames everything on.

8. She Doesn’t Play Well With Other Girls

If she doesn’t have a girl squad, it’s because no girl squad wants to be associated with her. Jealousy makes it pretty impossible for her to have a close group of lady friends, so unless you want to date someone who doesn’t want you hanging out with your sister, call it quits.

7. Her Club Clothes Are Her Only Clothes

Sure that tight dress and heels she’s was wearing when you met her was a good look for 1 a.m., but now it’s brunch and she should really wear some pants. Spoiler alert: she won’t. Don’t plan on her changing her style to meet your mom either.

6. Her Life Is Total Chaos

Everything from her part-time job to her apartment to her health is a mess. She’s living life on the edge, 24/7, and it’s not as fun as it sounds. Don’t get sucked into the drama or you might not be able to get yourself out.

5. She Has A Crazy Mom

If you ask about her mom and she immediately rolls her eyes and tells you some story about how insane she is, it’s not getting any better. Crazy is in her genes and the last thing you want to do is to be a part of that family tree.

4. She’s Everywhere

Like, everywhere. She’s at your coffee shop, your bus stop and your cousin’s graduation party. Check your phone because she probably starting sharing your location with her without you knowing. If she’s the first to like every post of yours on every social media outlet you have, then you’ve been warned.

3. Everything Seems Too Good To Be True

Sometimes, crazy has a way of disguising itself as the real deal. If you’ve only known her for five minutes, but you’re pretty sure she’s perfect, then take a moment. Give it a week or five to see her true colors because nobody is perfect. If she’s trying really hard to be, you’ll see it.

2. Her Social Media Is Very Revealing

If you scroll through her feed, and all you find is party picture after party picture, then you know what you’re getting. Crazy girls love to get crazy and not do much else. Dating her will be like being on a never-ending rollercoaster of shots and sleeping past noon — which is something most people can’t handle.

1. She Swears She’s “Changed”

Just like a player will swear he’s different now, so will the crazy girl. She’ll tell you how much she’s grown and matured, and pretty much anything else you want to hear. But actions speak louder than words, my friend. So make sure you’re watching what she’s doing.

Don’t let yourself become another victim in a crazy girl’s escapades. It’s easy to let a girl like this into your life (especially when they’re super hot), but it’s really hard to get them out of it. Be careful of who you’re buying drinks for next time, and see if you can find some of the signs before the next cocktail.

If you have a history of dating a wild child, and you think we’ve missed a very big red flag, let us know in the comments. Be sure to share this on Facebook to save your friends — they’ll thank you later.


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