What You Don’t Know About Papa John, The Man Behind Your Pizza


There’s nothing more satisfying that biting into a hot slice of pizza. Whatever your preference — plain cheese, pepperoni, or supreme — everyone can appreciate a cheesy pie.

Papa John’s Pizza is one of the biggest names in the business, and the face of the operation has a few secrets under his sleeve. Papa John really went the extra mile to protect his prized possessions in slide #4!

10. He Wasn’t Always Destined For Pizza Greatness

Papa John’s creator — John Schnatter — wasn’t planning on owning and operating a pizza empire. Schnatter applied to law school at the University of Louisville but was rejected, leading him to his current occupation and serious success.

Slide #7 proves everything happens for a reason, especially for this pizza master!

9. Public Speaking Is Not His Piece Of Pie

Although Papa John is constantly appearing in television commercials and represents his entire international chain of restaurants, he would be the first to admit he has a fear of public speaking.

He even admits he has “a real problem with the English language,” but since working with a coach, he has definitely improved keeping his cool in front of audiences.

8. He Lives In A Little Slice Of Heaven

John Schnatter lives in a remarkable 40,000 square foot mansion in his home state of Kentucky. This includes his very own car wash and a 22-car garage to accompany it. Papa John enjoys the finer things in life, and he’s very serious about his dough in slide #5!

7. Schnatter Made Sacrifices That Paid Off Big

Before hitting it big, Papa John was forced to sell his beloved 1972 Chevy Camaro Z28 to help his dad’s tavern get out of a financial rut. After he began rolling in dough from his success in pizza, he hunted this prized possession down and bought it back for $250,000!

6. His Excellence All Started From A Broom Closet

Schnatter first began making pizza out of a broom closet at his father’s tavern, and after an entire year, he was able to open up his own pizza shop. Today there are more than 4,700 Papa John’s Pizza shops worldwide. Slide #2 reveals Papa John can get pretty political!