Donald Trump’s Shocking Dating History

FeaturedTrumpDonald Trump is… Where do we even start with this guy? Before Donald Trump was busy making people angry on the news, he was mostly just known for being rich. To many, that’s all he’ll ever be, and to some, he’s their personal hero. Donald Trump is a unique presidential candidate, as we’ve been able to see his life in the spotlight before he ever knew he’d run to be the leader of the country. This means that we get an inside look at his past dates, hook ups, and relationships. Some of them we remember, but others we had no idea they dated! Click through to see who is in Donald Trump’s past love life.

#18 He’s A Ladies Man

001--18-he-s-a-ladies-man-269299Some say Donald Trump hates women, but he’s made it pretty clear that he, in fact, loves them. However, he doesn’t love them in the way that a presidential candidate should. Most of his previous lovers are models and actresses so he’s also made it pretty clear he cares a lot about the way a woman looks.

#17 Ivana Trump

002--17-ivana-trump-945b0c7f88ca123acae5cef1fa9254efIvana Trump was Donald’s very first wife. They remained married for over 15 years and had three beautiful children together. It’s no wonder because Ivana is a total babe. In their time, they were the couple to envy. It seemed as though the two lovers had everything. But like most good things, it eventually came to an end.

#16 Rumors Split Them

003--16-rumors-split-them-7dbc475d0d7af3fb3ac8dab16b9cd938There seemed to be a pretty big wedge in the relationship once rumors started to surface that Donald was having an affair with Marla Maples. The two women had a pretty heated public confrontation, and Ivana soon filed for divorce from Donald after the debacle had ended. They still remain civil and share 8 grandchildren together.

#15 Did He Date Anna Nicole?

004--15-did-he-date-anna-nicole--269305After his very public breakup, many expected Donald to run into the arms of his alleged lover. Instead, rumors started to fly that he was actually sleeping with model Anna Nicole Smith. The two never actually confirmed that they were together, although they were often spotted in public places together. If you ask Donald, though, he would probably say they dated.

#14 Marla Maples

005--14-marla-maples-97e7a33aca2de7ea124dfe91d3704caaAlthough he had an alleged fling with Anna Nicole, it wasn’t soon until he was together with his mistress, Marla Maples. The two dated for a couple years without getting married right away. It seems Donald was taking things a bit slow at first. But something happened that soon would change his mind on the status of the relationship.

#13 A Baby Was On The Way

006--13-a-baby-was-on-the-way-269309Marla soon found out that she was, in fact, pregnant with Donald’s daughter Tiffany. Just a couple months after giving birth to their daughter, Marla and Donald decided to get married. It didn’t last long, however, and they soon divorced, leading to Donald being back on the market as a billionaire bachelor. You would think for a man with all this money, he wouldn’t hop into these marriages so quickly.

#12 Allison Giannini

007--12-allison-giannini--269311Allison Giannini was a young model when she met Donald. She was only 27 when a friend set her up on a blind date. Her date turned out to be the newly single, and 50-year-old, Donald Trump. The two only went on a couple of dates together and never actually had a serious or public relationship.

#11 Rowanne Brewer

008--11-rowanne-brewer-269313Rowanne Brewer was Donald’s next public romance. He and the model dated for quite some time but never actually tied the knot. They allegedly split because Rowanne was more interested in becoming an actress, and desired to move to Los Angelos instead of New York City to try and make it big. Something tells me staying in a relationship with Donald would have helped her cause a bit more.

#10 Rowanne Brewer

009--10-rowanne-brewer-b9c6c998869c6b7265df4392258de550Rowanne never had a spotlight on the big screen, that is, until this year, when she went on TV to defend the presumptive Republican nominee. She stated that he treated women well and didn’t really have anything negative to say about him. We wonder what might have happened if they had ended up together.

#9 Ingrid Seynhaeve

010--9-ingrid-seynhaeve-269566Ingrid denied ever having a relationship with Donald for a while, as most of his alleged girlfriends do, but many doubted her allegations. The two met when Donald was judging a modeling competition. Funny, I wonder what qualifies him to be a judge of women’s bodies? He’ll probably use that skill a lot in the White House…

#8 Ingrid Seynhaeve

011--8-ingrid-seynhaeve-269319The two never officially confirmed their relationship and it only ever remained a rumor that they two had any sort of relationship in the beginning. There seems to be a trend with Donald and his “girlfriends.” He did, however, later use her in an advertisement that promoted his Atlantic City Casino. Perhaps she is to blame for the business’s failure?

#7 Kara Young

012--7-kara-young-269321Kara and Donald found themselves in quite the confusing love triangle at one point. When they were dating in 2001, TV personality A.J. Benza claimed to be dating Kara while on the Howard Stern Show. Donald Trump actually called into the show to inform him that he was actually the one dating Kara.

#6 Kara Young

013--6-kara-young-269323The whole debacle was pretty embarrassing for them all, but Kara did state that she was, in fact, dating Donald Trump. The two didn’t date for long, however, and never went on to be anything serious. But the embarrassing phone call still exists as a reminder of what was once, and what could have been.

#5 Jackie Siegel

014--5-jackie-siegel-996ec9e31f752c82f92add2fbe1bae40Jackie Siegel and Donald Trump were never seen together in public dating, but in 2013, she admitted that they had gone on a couple of dates in the past. The two obviously never had anything serious, but the former beauty pageant director had nothing but nice things to say about her ex-fling! That is a bit surprising to us.

#4 Carla Bruni

015--4-carla-bruni--269327Donald Trump was just one of many rich and famous men on Carla’s long list of ex-lovers. Trump seems to have nothing but nice things to say about the model nowadays. He claims that she was desperately stuck on her ex, Mick Jagger and that after a certain point she became intolerable. I mean, who easily gets over Mick Jagger?

#3 Victoria Zdrok

016--3-victoria-zdrok-269568Victoria Zdrok is a former playboy model who isn’t afraid to bash the candidate! She claims they went on several dates together but nothing more. She stated all he did was talk about himself and what women were in love with him at the time. She also claimed they never slept together because he would go on and on about giving women “the best orgasms,” and it was a total turn off. Although ridiculous, that totally sounds like something he would say.

#2 Melania Trump

017--2-melania-trump-269331Everyone who knows Donald now knows about his current wife, Melania. The two met at a New York Fashion Week party in 1998. It wasn’t until 2005 that they decided to tie the knot. One year later, they had their one and only son, Barron. They probably waited so long to marry because he hadn’t yet finalized his divorce to Marla Maples for quite some time.

#1 A Love That Will Last?

018--1-a-love-that-will-last--5e3f0991cc7c0e3b45d5e234856237a2Donald claims that after all these years of marriage, they literally have never had a fight. He claims that the two are just very compatible. When the two wed, Melania wore a $200,000 dollar dress, a pretty big symbol of their marriage that would be to come. We may be looking at the next first lady on his arm.

Donald Trump is a pretty unique candidate in that we’re able to peek into his widely covered love life. When you have a wealthy man like Donald, people are always going to be curious about who he’s dating and who he might end up marrying. It seems now that he’s pretty in love with his current wife, Melania, and divorce wouldn’t be anytime soon as the possible future president might end up moving into the white house, and divorce never looks good for leaders like him. No matter what the future of our country holds, we’ll always be able to look back and see all the women that Donald had the pleasure of being with.


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