This Dog Trapped In Dangerous Rapid...

This Dog Trapped In Dangerous Rapids Is A Goner Until A Yellow Lab Steps In

People really love their dog,s and it’s not for nothing that dogs are considered to be man’s best friend. So imagine the terror of thinking that your dog was going to drown.

That’s what happened to one Argentinian recently when he was out walking his pet dogs. A slight accident during play and one of his dogs was plunged into mortal danger.

Yet, all was not lost. While a dog may be a man’s best friend, it may also be another dog’s best friend too. You won’t believe what happened when the pet owner’s other dog decided to intervene.

10. Rivers Can Be Deceptive

Water holds a real pull on man and animals. It’s a source of food, drink and it can be used for hygienic purposes too. Yet, it can be deceptive. While many visits to a river will pass without the slightest incident, the current and power of a river should never be underestimated.

9. Dangerous Raging Rapids

Rapids are caused by the narrowing of a river and a sudden increase in gradient (e.g. the river starts to slope downwards). The two combine to increase the speed of the water and the turbulence within the water. It was this combination that would threaten the life of one of the dogs.

8. An Ordinary Walk On The River

The day started out pretty normally. An Argentine dog owner decided that it was a beautiful day and that he would take his two pet dogs for a walk along the river to enjoy the sun’s rays. As you can see, the dog has a healthy respect for the current of the rapids.

7. A Game Of Fetch Goes Wrong

When you take dogs for a walk, there’s always an urge to play with them. This is one of the benefits of being a dog owner – the exercise and exuberance you get from playing with your pets keep you younger and healthier. This dog’s owner was no exception and he decided to play “fetch” with a stick.

6. The Moment Of Disaster For The Black Lab

Unfortunately, our dog owner mistimed his stick throw and disaster struck. The black labrador was completely focused on the stick and when it passed over his head and into the water, he fell as he caught the stick in his jaws. The rapids began to pull him away from shore and from safety.

5. The Dog Nearly Drowns

If the black lab had been there on his own that day, things might have turned out very unhappily for him. He tried with all his might to reach the shore but the current was simply too powerful for him to make it. He would almost certainly have drowned but for the other dog.

4. The Other Dog Comes To The Rescue

Fortunately, he wasn’t alone and the other dog (also a labrador) sprang into action. She grabbed the stick and used it to help pull the black lab to shore. As you can see, this was a huge effort and the two dogs are really struggling to make any headway.

3. The Dog Struggling To Shore

The dogs continued to struggle ashore and slowly but surely, the labrador on the shore began to reel in the black lab to a safe position. It seems incredible that the helper dog should know exactly what to do and how much danger his friend was in, doesn’t it?

2. How You Can Survive Rapids

If you should end up in rapids, the trick is to keep your feet up (the river bed is more dangerous than the rocks around you), lay on your back with your feet pointing downstream and wait until you reach a calm stretch of water to swim to safety. Of course, you can’t teach a dog that, can you?

1. A Happy Ending For Our Dogs

Fortunately, our canine chums had a happy ending to their day. The black lab was brought to shore and his owner was very happy about that. The other labrador was surely rewarded with some tasty doggy treats when they got home that night for being a hero. They probably won’t play “fetch” there in the future.


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