The Disappointing Reality Of Bathing As A Pair

“Let’s take a bath together,” he suggested. So many fun, sexy things flashed through your mind after hearing those words—however, bathing with your partner isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In fact, when two people are in a tub together, bad things tend to happen.

Let’s take a look at what really happens when you clean up with your other half…

10. Soap Becomes A Problem You Didn’t Know You Had

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Either someone drops the soap or someone gets soap in their eye. Either way, soap isn’t your friend when you’re showering for two.

9. The Water Gets Cold… Fast


It took 10 minutes to fill the tub. You added lavender bubble bath and even some rose petals for good measure. You now have exactly 8.4 minutes to enjoy it, because that water is going to get cold really fast.

#8 is just plain gross…

8. Two Bodies Are Dirtier Than One

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There is nothing that can kill bathtub romance like noticing how dirty you and your partner are as you gaze into the water that has turned black right before your very eyes.

7. You’ll Prefer To Wash Your Own Hair


Having someone else wash your hair sounds romantic, but once your hair gets pulled and tangled, you’ll realize that you actually prefer doing it yourself—no matter how much conditioner he uses.

6. Cuddling Isn’t Remotely Comfortable


Unless you have a deep soaking tub that fits four people, cuddling in the bath isn’t going to work. It’s going to hurt.

And #5 may make you not want to cuddle, anyway…

5. There Will Be Hair


Most people shave in the shower or right after. That means that when you get into the bath with your lover, someone is going to be hairy, because shaving hasn’t happened yet.

4. Someone Will Have To Pee

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It’s inevitable. No matter what, someone is going to have to use the toilet right when things are getting steamy. And we all know how sexy that’s going to be.

3. Sexy Time Might Turn Into Something Else


If you and your partner finally get some alone time to settle in, chances are, you’re going to start talking about your day. And then work. And then bills. And then, ugh.

Speaking of bills, you won’t save any on water…

2. You’re Not Conserving Water


When two people shower together, water isn’t being saved. If anything, you’re using more water—because you’re both stalling, trying to get in some sweet kisses and what not.

1. You End Up Far Less Relaxed


Taking a long, hot shower or bath by yourself can be just what you need to relax and relieve stress. Adding your lover into the mix can have the opposite effect.


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