Differences You’ll Notice When Dating A Truly Hot Woman

Most women have a thing or two that create their own unique sex appeal. Even the most normal-looking of ladies usually don’t seem to have much trouble landing dates or boyfriends. Beauty is in the eye, and all that.

That being said, there are some key differences that happen when you stop messing with the 5’s and start hanging out with the 10’s.

Is it possible you’re overthinking approaching that pretty girl at the bar, and you have just as good a chance with her as anyone? #4 has the answer.

12. Don’t Judge A Book…

The Modern Man

Some guys may think it automatically a safer bet to pursue less traditionally glamorous-looking women in hopes that they hold lower standards.

Jumping to this conclusion is a rookie mistake. Read on to learn why!

11. Check Your Head


No one likes feeling patronized, and assuming that a more average-looking lady will automatically be thrilled to have you risks hitting that nerve. Remember: she has learned to smell ego from a mile away.

10. Player Level: Expert

The Modern Man

You might assume that average-looking women are not used to being approached, but you’d be wrong. Guys who use overly-common pickup tactics on said ladies may be surprised by how fast they fail.

9. Proceed With Caution

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Even if she doesn’t say it out loud, a less-obvious beauty’s self-awareness might lead her to need some extra reassurance that you are taking her seriously.

Check out the next slide for another hint you rarely hear…

8. Don’t Put Her On A Pedestal


Women come with all sorts of combinations of traits, inside and out. It’s a little-known secret that average-looking ladies don’t often want to be over-glorified either.

7. Skipping Steps Doesn’t Work


Men often assume that pretty women don’t want to be approached and wait for an opening, but don’t forget to apply the same filter to less-attractive ladies too. Big mistake!

6. A Pleasant Surprise


Guys often tend to hold back from approaching pretty ladies out of fear. It never hurts to try, however. Beautiful women, like anyone else, really do care about more than looks.

Don’t know how? Keep reading for some insight that are sure to help…

5. Picking Up A Signal


It’s easy to assume that pretty women are unapproachable by default. The truth? They don’t see themselves this way. Their body language will show how open to chatting they really are.

4. What A Girl Wants

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Think all hot women want is an equally-hot alpha male? Think again! They actually value sincerity just as much as average-looking women, so humility is just as essential.

3. Count Your Blessings


With beauty often comes confidence, but many mistakenly assume confidence equals exclusivity. Beautiful women may actually be more open to conversation due to their lack of insecurity.

Feeling better about your chances? What’s on the next slide will ease your doubts even more…

2. It’s Nothing Personal

The Modern Man

Guys who are rejected by pretty girls may think it is just because they reached too far. The truth is, she probably didn’t even consider her relative looks, so no need to let insecurities get you down.

1. Looks Really Aren’t Everything

The Modern Man

The biggest secret about pretty girls? Their own looks are rarely their priority. Any man who has ever won over a beauty knows that treating them like a normal person is key.


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