Daughter Tries to Prove Dad Won’t Cheat, But Something Unexpected Happened

So what is cheating, really? That basically involves betraying a partner regarding the relationship the cheater has with another person. When a one violates a person’s expectations, people will feel betrayed. Here, a daughter is on a mission to prove that her dad isn’t a cheater.

10. A Nervous Wreck

In a conversation with Luis Mercado, the host of “To Catch a Cheater,” Christina was extremely nervous watching the footage of her dad being tested for infidelity.

9. Planning It Out

Tara discussed with Christina the scenario beforehand which involves tempting her dad to cheat. But there was something that Christina didn’t see coming.

8. Hard to Believe

It’s hard to imagine having a very pleasant experience when it involves someone you’ve cared about for a long time to easily be cheated on by someone — on camera.

7. With an Underage Girl

Christina was devastated to learn her stepdad wasn’t loyal to her as she originally thought. The situation became a lot worse when her friend, Tara, was 17 years of age.

6. Situation Getting Worse

When her stepdad decided to go to Tara’s party while she’s in soccer practice, it seems the situation is getting a bit out of control.

5. Couldn’t Believe It

Once she was through with the video, Christina realized her dad has no excuse or whatsoever. Disgusted with what she was seeing the entire time, she slammed the laptop shut.

4. Caught Kissing

She immediately called Tara after watching the video. Things got out of hand when she saw Tara kissing her dad’s cheek. You won’t believe how Christina reacted when you see the video after Slide 1.

3. A Big Misunderstanding

Unfortunately, things aren’t going well for Christina. She gets into a heated argument with Tara, who says she was doing only what they planned together in testing her stepfather. Find out how Christina responded after Slide 1.

2. Friendship Over

With tensions running high, Christina bluntly tells Tara her friendship with her is all but over. Tara retorts back by saying she’ll be inviting her dad to her birthday party.

1. Some Explaining to Do

Christina won’t hesitate in telling her mom of her dad’s latest activity. Her dad will have a lot to explain later today. Thanks to the video, she now has proof her stepdad did something he’s not supposed to do.

Being cheated on can have long-lasting effects. There’s a chance Christina’s friendship with Tara is ruined, and may well grow up struggling to trust other men in the future.

Here’s the video on how it all went down:


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