Daughter Held In Captivity For 24 Years… By Her Own FATHER

It was all the way back in 2008 when the disturbingly true story of Elisabeth Fritzl’s abduction took the world by storm, but the story still haunts us to this day.

For 24 dauntingly long years, Elisabeth Fritzl was held captive in a basement by her twisted father where he reportedly sexually abused and raped her over 3,000 times. In that time, she gave birth to multiple children … fathered by her own father.

Nobody could have ever imagined that a father would subject his daughter to such a horrendous trauma. Stick around to find out all the disturbing facts of this multi-decade long incestuous case.

10. The Beginning Of This Disgusting Tragedy

It was in Amstetten, Australia, where Josef Fritzl (21 years old at the time) and Rosemarie (17 years old at the time) decided to take their relationship to the next level by tying the knot in 1956. The ‘loving’ couple went on to create a family of 2 sons and 5 daughters.
9. It Wasn’t All Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows

Josef displayed extreme parental behavior that instilled a distinct sense of fear within his children, often focusing his attention and wrath onto one of his daughters, Elisabeth, whom he had only met after an entire year since her birth.

Born in 1966, Elisabeth was just a baby when her father was imprisoned for 18 months on charges of breaking and entering as well as rape.

8. The First Time He Ever Laid Hands On Her

Even after spending over a year behind bars, Josef’s unexplained behavior spiraled out of control and in 1977, it is reported that he raped 11-year-old Elisabeth for the very first time.

This incident sparked the beginning of a barrage of sexual abuse by Elisabeth’s monstrous father.

7. She Tried To Escape Her Fate

On multiple occasions, Elisabeth attempted to run away from home to get as far away as possible, but the authorities kept intervening and returning her to the place where she was least safe.

The only thing she could do was focus on her waitressing program and wait for the day when she’d be old enough to get away. But with the plan he concocted in the next slide, it’s safe to say that Josef was nothing less than sociopathic.

6. The Untimely Trap That Stole Her Youth

When she finally turned 18 and the possibility of pursuing a job opportunity in Linz arose, more than 40 minutes away from her hometown, Elisabeth held onto the hope of finally being able to escape her torment. Unfortunately, on 29th August 1984, Josef enacted a sinister plan of luring his daughter into the basement, under the assumption that she was merely helping him carry a door, where he would eventually entrap her for 24 years.

5. Josef Manipulated And Conned Everyone, Including The Authorities

Josef forcefully and shockingly knocked his daughter out using a towel soaked with ether and locked her away in the underground basement. When his wife, Rosemarie, reported her daughter missing to the officials, Josef submitted a letter he had forced Elisabeth to write. It convinced authorities and Rosemarie that she had skipped town alongside a friend to follow a religious cult.

4. Elisabeth’s Past Came Back To Bite Her

Elisabeth’s prior attempts at running away from home only solidified the content of the letters and police officers declared the case to be closed. Free of suspicion, Josef was free to do as he pleased and chained his daughter to a pole where he would often rape her after days of starvation. You’d be terrified to learn what he did to her in the next slide.

3. She Was Treated As Nothing More Than A Piece Of Meat

As time went on, Josef kept Elisabeth on a leash and threatened to gas the entire basement if she ever attempted to flee. From 1986 to 1992, Elisabeth had one miscarriage and gave birth to 3 babies, Kerstin, Stefan and lastly Lisa. Around 9 months after being born, Lisa was found on the doorstep by Rosemarie with a letter from Elisabeth asking her to care for the child. Once again, Josef enacted another manipulative plan.

2. The Father Of His Daughter’s Children

Afterward, he continued to rape her until she gave birth to two more children. Two of the four children who survived, Monika and Alexander, were taken in by Rosemarie without any suspicion whatsoever. They grew up and lived their lives under the assumption that they were merely taken in by both their ‘innocent’ grandparents. The children living in the basement, however, had never seen the light of day in all their life and watched the world through the screen of a television.

The End Of A Disgusting Incestuous Kidnapping Case

After Kerstin fell ill, Elisabeth convinced Josef to admit their oldest daughter to a hospital but before he agreed, she slipped a note in her daughter’s pocket. When discovered by doctors, this note prompted authorities to search for Elisabeth. Josef tried to use another fake letter to trick authorities. However, when Elisabeth managed to convince Josef to sneak her and the other kids to see Kerstin at the hospital, authorities apprehended them and discovered the horrific truth.

At 42 years old, Elisabeth finally got to taste freedom for the first time in decades and Josef is paying for his crimes behind bars. Do you think Josef deserves the death penalty? Let us know in the comment section.


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