Dad Sold His Car 20 Years Ago And A...

Dad Sold His Car 20 Years Ago And Always Wanted It Back … Then He Looked In The Driveway

Do you remember the excitement of getting your first car? Whether it was a gift from your parents or something that you worked hard to save up the money for, there is no feeling that compares to your first joyride around the block!

Needless to say, those emotions will stick with your for a lifetime. Eventually, though, you’ll have to sell your beloved first car. For some, that leaves behind a hole that can never be filled.

Unless you have a sneaky daughter, that is! Keep reading to find out one family’s very special story… and just wait until you see the big reveal on slide 3!


#12 A Special Car

001-12-a-special-car-694677When Randy Martin was only 16 years old, he pooled up all his savings to buy a 1936 Ford two-door sedan. He spent months fixing up the car, and went on to have some very special memories with it. This car really was his pride and joy for many years!

#11 Special Moments

002-11-special-moments-694698Randy and his car went through some of life’s most precious moments together. He was even able to drive the car to his honeymoon after his wedding in the late 1970s! Now that’s a strong history! To him, the car was more than just a sentimental object, though…

#10 A Real Winner

003-10-a-real-winner-694725Randy also used the car to earn some serious cash! He traveled around the country in the old sedan and brought in quite the fortune competing in car shows. He used this money to pay for most of his children’s education and day-to-day living expenses. It’s clear that he was a force to be reckoned with!

#9 Sentimentality

004-9-sentimentality-694743Clearly, Randy felt a very sentimental connection with this car. After all, it had been with him through all of his life’s biggest moments! He could never imagine giving the car up for any reason at all. But, in 1991, he found himself having to make a big choice…

#8 A Big Sacrifice

005-8-a-big-sacrifice-694760In 1991, Randy’s daughter Stephanie was accepted to seminary school. He thought it was important to support her spiritual calling, but he just didn’t have enough money. So, he put his beloved Sedan on the market. It quickly sold, and he eventually was able to move on with his life.

#7 Stephanie Hamren

006-7-stephanie-hamren-694781Fast forward 21 years… Randy’s daughter Stephanie Miller was now Stephanie Hamren, and she wanted to fulfill one of her dad’s longest wishes: to get his old sedan back. She knew it would be a lot of work, but she felt up to the challenge.

So, she set out on the mission of a lifetime…

#6 A Lucky Strike

007-6-a-lucky-strike-694796After months of scouring the internet for leads, Stephanie found her dad’s old car in Louisiana. It had been sitting stagnant in a garage for over fifteen years! After confirming that it was in fact the car she was looking for, Stephanie made an offer and left her Virginia home for the New Orleans suburbs.

#5 Load It Up

008-5-load-it-up-694810Stephanie had one problem, though. The car didn’t run anymore! Thankfully, she was able to borrow a trailer from a good samaritan in Louisiana. After writing a check and exchanging lots of hugs with the car’s owners, she climbed back in her truck and headed on her way towards Virginia.

#4 “Dad… I Need You”

009-4-dad-i-need-you-694814Instead of going straight back to her house, she pulled onto her mom and dad’s property. Then, she called her dad on the phone and said “Dad… I need you. I’m broken down in front of your house.”

He never expected what he was going to see when he came outside!

#3 An Emotional Homecoming

010-3-an-emotional-homecoming-694821When Randy walked outside, he immediately burst into tears. “I couldn’t believe it,” he said. He was so overwhelmed by his daughter’s simple act of kindness! Finally, his lifetime wish had been fulfilled — and it was all at the hands of the daughter he had sacrificed so much for only 21 years before.

#2 Lots of Work

011-2-lots-of-work-694847The car still needed lots of work, but Randy was willing to put in the time just like he did the first time around! He began raising money over the internet to refurbish his old ride, and after several months of hard work, it was finally road worthy again! He was thrilled!

#1 Reunited at Last

012-1-reunited-at-last-694844The hard work was all worth it for Randy. He had given so much up in order to help his daughter, but she was able to give it back to him tenfold. Needless to say, Stephanie gave her father the gift of a lifetime, all while creating her own special memories!

Isn’t it great to hear about families going to extremes to show each other love? Stephanie Hamren may have done a bit more than most of us would, but she really sets a great example! Material possessions may not be the most important thing in our lives, but they can be a meaningful and thoughtful gifts.

The holiday season leads to all sorts of negative feelings about our family members. So, next time you find yourself getting frustrated with your Uncle Steve, sit back and remember this touching story of love!

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