12 Stories Of The Most Memorable ‘I Didn’t Expect To Have Sex Today!

It’s rare that someone wakes up and says, “I’m going to have sex today” and actually follows through with that declaration. Usually, sex happens when you least expect it. In the case of these people, not only did they have sex, but they have these unbelievable stories attached to some incredibly wild times.

Think your local hospital is safe of sexcapades? Head to the first slide to find out.

12. The Unexpected Hospital Hookup

Grey’s Anatomy doctors and interns aren’t the only ones getting down at a hospital. It happens in real life! A staff member found a female intern and when things unexpectedly heated up between them, they went into a classroom to have sex. He described the whole experience as “cold and hard.”

When it comes to inappropriate places to have sex, the next slide is tragically weird.

11. Taking The Saying “The Nail In The Coffin” To New Heights

There are some scenarios where no one ever anticipates having sex. Having sex at a wake is definitely high up on the sexual scenarios no one would be able to predict. After consoling his friend, he realized that the girl had stuck her hand down his pants while she was crying. Can you say “most awkward sexual moment ever?”

Due to the music choice, the weirdest hookup is on the next slide.

10. A Sexual Adventure With Broody Tori Amos Songs

So what do you get when you mix alcohol and Tori Amos songs? Apparently some sexy times. “We started talking about two mutual friends that are ‘friends with benefits’,” the woman explained while detailing her high school hook up with her friend. She called the whole ordeal “unusual” at the time because of the nature of their friendship.

This isn’t the worst case scenario though. You’ll find that on the next slide.

9. The One Where The Mom Walks In

One girl detailed the time her mom walked in on her having sex with her bff. “My mom walks in while we are boinking and runs out. Later she says to me, ‘I am sorry I walked in, I just never expected you two to be having sex.”

There are a ton of euphemisms that can be applied to sex, but the one on the next slide takes the cake.

8. The Word “Studying” Will Never Be The Same

This guy asked a girl in class if she wanted to study. Fast forward a few minutes later and they both forgot about their upcoming exam. “I went down on her for an hour or so. She went down on me for 30 seconds. Got B on exam.”

These aren’t the only teens with raging hormones. The story on the next slide is just as bad (or good?).

7. Walking The Nonexistent Dog

A guy explained how a random text from a girl landed him in some pretty steamy territory. The girl asked, “If I wanted to go walk her dog with her. I got there, was invited in, got a doobie pushed in my hands with a beer. Turns out she didn’t have a dog.” Then he got a blowjob. Some dog walk!

The BJ story on the next slide has this one beat. Literally.

6. The Ultimate Stress Relief

After dealing with stress at work, a man’s assistant recommended a place for a massage. While this wasn’t a rub and tug kind of place, the masseuse got turned on and one thing led to the next.

We’re willing to bet that guy was stress-free for the rest of the day!

The next sexual encounter leads to a pretty surprising outcome for a babysitter. Click the next slide to find out.

5. Babysitting Done Right

While watching her sister’s twins with her brother in law’s co-worker, the two shared some alone time which turned racy. They decided to hang out in the hallway because the baby monitor was broken. “He said it was hot how motherly I was by nature and ended up doing it in the hallway. We’re married now.”

The next slide has some serious nostalgia factor for 90s kids.

4. Sexual Tension From N64?

What do you get when you mix N64 with sexual tension? As it turns out, a pretty good time. Instead of reaching for the remote, these two crazy kids decided to have sex with each other to the tunes of Pokemon. Odds are things got a little weird when Pokemon Go hit the scene this year.

This next slide involved a wedding and a French girl, but it isn’t as cliche as it sounds.

3. A Very Fun Finland Wedding

One guy recounted his good time at his brother’s wedding in Finland. He had no intention of hooking up with anyone, but that’s exactly what happened. It was hours after the wedding when he bumped into a French photographer taking photos of another wedding. The two struck up a conversation and she asked him to stay, hours later they had sex five times.

The next slide involves an adult entertainer that gets the surprise of his life.

2. An Adult Entertainer Gets A Fun Surprise

Sure, sex is bound to happen when you’re an adult entertainment (even though it’s illegal), but this person got a huge shocker. A client came into the joint around 4 pm and mid-dance she revealed to the stripper that she was an adult entertainer too and wanted to blow off some steam. The two had a ten-minute quickie.

We saved the wildest story for last.

1. A Twisted Beach Party

A single guy went to a beach party and wound up screwing someone’s wife. Because he didn’t want to ogle her, he tried to avoid her, but ended up talking to the woman. After getting signs that she was into him, the guy excused himself and before he knew it, “I’m nailing her doggystyle on the hood of her husband’s cousin’s car, about 500 yards from the party.”

The “best” part of this story? The husband knew all about it and was into it.

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