The Craziest Cheating Stories That Are Actually True

Nobody likes cheaters. Especially when you’re in a relationship. But cheating stories always amuse people. It makes them curious how they got away (or got caught) with their dirty deeds.

No matter how you love a person, reality is there is a possibility that they can and will cheat. It just takes some creativity on how they can successfully carry out their evil scheme. Here are some of the outrageous cheating stories that will blow your mind. The worst (or best) part is, they’re all real stories.

1. The Party That Started It All
2. A Family Affair

3. The More The Merrier
4. Asian Invasion

5. The Best Friend And Godmother
6. The Kidney
7. Valentine’s Day Fail
8. Ungrateful Wife
9. The Real Third Wheel
10. Scumbag Dad
11. The Worst Revenge
12. The Next Room
13. Miscarriage
14. For The Last Time
15. Stolen Honeymoon Getaway
16. Grad School Alibi
17. 7 Years Gone With The Wind
18. The Delivery Guy
19. Not Mad Enough
20. Ex-Cheerleader
21. The Boss
22. The Band Member
23. At The Same Time
24. Amateur

So, what do you think of these stories? Crazy, right? Some were typical while some were crazy. Now we know what some people will and can do just to get their carnal desires. Hopefully not one of you is the offender or the victim.

In case you’re in a relationship and your significant other is acting weird or similar to the cheaters on the list then you better be careful.


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