Crafty Guy Makes The Worlds’ Most Ingenious Puzzle Book To Propose To His Girl


If life is a mystery, why not make getting engaged a puzzle – a puzzle book, that is! An amazingly talented man who uses the name “bigchewypretzels” on Imgur made the most fascinating puzzle book to propose marriage to his girl. If there was an award for best marriage proposal ever, this one would take home the Oscar.

Imagine opening up a puzzle book, hand-crafted by the love of your life and find the surprise of your lifetime at the end. While the craftsmanship and the finished product are brilliant, the creativity behind the original idea is unbelievable. Check it out for yourself and prepare to be amazed!

12. Life Is A Mystery

His girlfriend loved to make story books for her loved ones so much, he thought it would be nice to make one for her in return. What’s interesting about this puzzle book though is that each page was locked until she solved the mystery questions about their courtship. What he made is astonishing.
11. Happily Ever After From The First Page

Here’s the end result, but the inside is just as intriguing and appealing as the outside. This is probably the most endearing and incredible proposal ever seen. The time, thought, effort, and creativity that went into this book screams happy-ever-after, for sure. Guess what was inside the last page?

10. She Must Be Puzzled

Check out just one of the finished pages of this incredible puzzle book. He created custom engravings, puzzles, and moving mechanical parts to complete this enchanting creation. There is a total of eight pages in all. Imagine her delight when she received this gift; what would you say if you were the recipient?

9. A Perfect Fit

Even the exterior tied in with the theme of the puzzle book. Can you guess what the theme is? The theme is “perfect fit.” From the looks of it, he went to a lot of time and trouble to create a puzzle book such as this which expresses how he feels about the love of his life.

8. A Game Changer

Early on in the game of creating this puzzle book, the connectors would get loose. However, the show must go on, so he took the time and the trouble to fix his genius creation.

The end result shows his dedication and will astonish you. It will also make you sigh dreamily.

7. A Little Help Goes A Long Way

Before he actually began creating his masterpiece, he used Adobe Illustrator for a little help and probably a lot of inspiration. It paid off two-fold. Just wait until you see the finished result in the last slide. If you’re a gal, your boyfriend may wish he’d never seen this article. That’s how good this creation is.

6. An Inside Job

If the exterior of the puzzle book isn’t awe-inspiring enough already, and the blueprint doesn’t impress you, check out the inside of the book. This one is the cover page. Just imagine what she was thinking when she played with what she thought was just a puzzle book.

5. Live And Learn

These are the inside pieces of the puzzle book. After he began his creation, he realized he should have used CAD software to model everything first. This would have been a time-saver. Live and learn, but I don’t think his girlfriend minded one bit, especially when she got to the end.

4. It’s A Material Thing

Besides pre-planning for this masterpiece, he also went on to use a bunch of different materials. Some of the pieces were laser cut while most of the pages inside were of maple. There were also alder and walnut pieces in certain places throughout the rest of the puzzle book.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

He used dozens of iterations before he finally concluded that the finished result was perfect for her, and just like her. He used Photoshop, Illustrator, and did live image tracing with laser cutting to get the maximum results for his beloved’s book. Wow, just wow! What do you think of his testimony to her?

2. A Masterpiece Is Born

This is the photo he used as his template for the actual etching shown before. It looks like he left no stone unturned – until the final stone is revealed in the end of the puzzle book, and what a stone it is! Check it out the size of that rock next.

1. The Big Reveal

From manipulating contrast, using laser for the text to pop-up parts, the book was a labor of love from the start. The pages had a tremendous amount of detail from moving parts to memories of places they had been and etched characters throughout. He put a mechanical iris in for the finishing touch. Of course, don’t forget the ring she would uncover at the end.

Besides all of the thought, ingenuity, and creativity – not to mention hard work – he had put into the project, there was a ton of love in it, as well. On the back cover, he had etched a picture of the road they were traveling when he proposed to his girlfriend.

If that still were not enough, he included a loving message that said, “to continue their life of adventure and change.” Guess what else? Not only did he make the book and hide the ring in the back of it, he made the engagement ring too! For the single ladies – are you wondering if he has a brother? What would you do if your guy did this for you? Leave a comment or share on your social media accounts. This should be good.