This Couple Transformed An Old Camp...

This Couple Transformed An Old Camper And Now It Looks Amazing

Home improvement projects can be a fun way to enjoy a hobby or add something impressive to your home. Mobile home improvement projects are the very same (if not cooler). A cool couple found a vintage 1965 Serro Scotty Sportsman camper and decided to do some light tinkering rather they decided to do some heavy-duty tinkering that would make any carpenter weak in the knees.

There’s nothing like bringing back something that’s destined for the scrap yard and turning it into something amazing! It’s the best kind of DIY. You don’t only save a ton of money but you get to be creative as well. Just like this couple. Seriously, this is some impressive stuff. Check out their progress shots below.

12. Before

This is a vintage 1965 Serro Scotty Sportsman Camper. It looks okay on the outside, but inside it needs a ton of work. A couple decided to buy this one and transform it into their dream portable home. What they did was unbelievable, and it’ll make you green with envy. Let’s check out how they turned this trash into a cozy mobile home.

11. The Mess

While the outside looked decent, the inside was a total mess. The ceiling and wall were falling apart, and there were wires everywhere. It seemed like a typhoon wrecked the place. But the couple had a plan on how to turn this trash around. They started by removing the aluminum sliding and stripping the paint from it to prepare it for a fresh new coat.

10. Water Damage

After removing the aluminum sliding, it turned out the wood had a lot of water damage over the years, so they had no choice but to remove it. They needed to replace it because it was like the campers skeleton. A weak frame is not safe, so they had no choice but to knock it down completely. But it was a challenge that the couple wasn’t going to back away from.

9. New Frame

They removed the floor and began working on the frame by making it more secure and waterproof. Then after prepping the frame, they primed, waterproofed it, so it’ll be ready to go with the new hardware. They had to take their time working on the most important part. It must be strong enough to carry the weight of the camper and for long travel. The base is done, let’s move on to the other parts.

8. New Floor and Sides

Then they installed new floors and built brand new sides for the camper with the old measurements so they would have no problems fitting. Then, traced the aluminum siding into some new walls. It looks just like new. Who would have thought that this old camper was old and rusty?

7. Building The Interior

Now that the floors and side walls have been installed, it’s now time to make the interiors. Some interiors had to be built outside of the camper and moved in, but it was no problem for this couple. The colorful removable drawers are always cute and functional. It never fails to make a tiny space come to life. Then comes installing of the front wall which is girlfriend approved.

6. Interior Installation

Then the built-in cabinets were next. They fit perfectly for the tiny space yet functional enough to be used. They also made room for the water tank, cargo, and other essentials. They also added a small ceiling fan for ventilation. Next, they sealed the inside of the camper to make sure no water can enter. And then it was prime time again.

5. Pop Of Colors

After priming the cabinets and interiors, it’s now time for a splash of color. This tiny camper came to life after painting it with pastel colors. The once rusty and dilapidated old camper now looks like brand new. We can’t wait to see the final outcome of this home improvement.

4. Insulation and Paint Prep

After the interior is done, then the exterior comes next. The size is just the same as the old camper. Some insulation to protect the couple from the heat and cold and then the installation of the aluminum sides. Also, don’t forget to mask the window and door frames to prep it for the paint job. Looking good!

3. The Paint Job

Complete with his gear, the guy went ahead and sprayed on some head-turning orange stripe on the upper part of the camper. They waited for the paint to dry and a new door, windows and external light was added. It’s coming together well and we can’t wait for the final outcome. The couple also glued together some strips of wood to make cool countertops. This is the finished product after sanding and sealing.

2. Final Touches

Now that the paint is dry, it’s time for the final touches. The drawers are in place, and the wirings are set for the lights. Testing the LED lights and the perfect spot for reading. It couldn’t get any cozier than this. Plus the pop of color makes the place lively.

1. Finished Product

The finished product speaks for itself. The newly refurbished camper is perfect. It has a cozy feel and the colors make it fun to live in. The outside may look retro but the inside is like a different world. Two thumbs up to the couple who refurbished this old, rusty camper. We’re now green with envy.

How cool is this transformation? The final result looks better than most homes, to be honest. From the kitchen to the bathroom, everything looks perfect. Who says a home has to be big to be liveable? This camper has got it all.

Wouldn’t we all want to step inside our screens and jump into that cozy camper? The couple’s hardwork and creativity sure paid off. Now they can enjoy their new mobile home.


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