Couple Renovating Their Home Expected Treasure In The Walls … What They Got Was Even Better


Buying anything new is pretty exciting, but buying a home is even more life-changing! All of a sudden, you finally have a place to call
yours with no landlord, or even parents, to answer to. The fun part is getting to decorate the home as your own as well, especially if it’s an older house that needs a lot of renovations.

But what would you do if you found something on the way from one of the previous owners? Homeowners run into a lot of complications when moving in or renovating, but what one couple found in the walls of their new house is unlike anything else.

Click through to see what they found and let us know if you’ve ever found anything cool in your old home! If you want more details, we’re including the video of the couple’s journey on the last slide!


#12 They Were New Homeowners

001-12-they-were-new-homeowners-853450Kevin Brannen and Kristina Hokanson were brand new home owners excited about the journey they were embarking on. Not only were they the new owners of a house they’ve always dreamed of, but they were engaged as well! They really had a lot to look forward to, but one thing popped up that they weren’t expecting.

#11 The House Needed A Lot Of Work

002-11-the-house-needed-a-lot-of-work-853476The house that they had purchased may have been new to them, but that did not mean that it was brand new to the world. The house was pretty old and required a lot of work. But they were excited to embark on the renovation journey on their own, excited to rebuild their own home together.
#10 They Found Something In The Walls

003-10-they-found-something-in-the-walls-853478While they were renovating, they expected to run into some problems and complications, but they never expected what they ended up finding. While tearing down the walls one day, Kevin found something that shocked him. He quickly called Kristina in the room so they could explore the new discovery together.

#9 They Were Hoping For A Treasure

004-9-they-were-hoping-for-a-treasure-351ae5d2fd26bc9fca665d7c5d264e9cThey had a little idea in their head the whole time that they might end up finding some sort of treasure while renovating. They were hoping to find some buried treasure, money, or gold stashed away in the walls like a few people have before in the past. But what they found was something they certainly weren’t expecting.

#8 It Was Just A Small Bottle

005-8-it-was-just-a-small-bottle-853533At first, Kevin was shocked to find something but was a bit disappointed to see it was just a small glass bottle. But who knows what the bottle might contain! They hoped that perhaps rolled up bills or an old deed were hiding in the glass bottle, but the reality was much different.

#7 What Was Inside?

006-7-what-was-inside-853564Kevin very carefully pulled out the contents inside the bottle. Who knew how long they had been there. Maybe just a couple of decades, a couple of years, or even less than that. Either way, he knew he didn’t want to risk damaging or tearing the object, so he very carefully pulled it out of the bottle.
#6 It Was A Letter!

007-6-it-was-a-letter-853578As soon as he pulled the piece of paper out and very carefully and cautiously unfolded the antiqued paper, Kevin and Kristina soon found out that this was, in fact, a message in a bottle! So what was the message? Did it lead them to a buried treasure? Did it contain secrets from the house?

#5 They Continued Reading, Hoping For More Clues

008-5-they-continued-reading-hoping-for-mor-853647The letter was dated July 18, 1933. They knew right away that this was an incredibly special letter just by the date alone! The letter was from someone who had actually lived in the house at that time! How lucky was this couple who got to get a glimpse into the previous homeowner’s life!

#4 It Wasn’t What They Were Expecting

009-4-it-wasn-t-what-they-were-expecting-853595They certainly weren’t expecting a letter from an old occupant when renovating the house! it was challenging to try and decipher what exactly the words were saying! It was almost a 100-year-old letter. Even though it was kept in a bottle, it still had some obvious damage due to age. So what did the letter say?

#3 It Was A Message From An Imaginative Mind

010-3-it-was-a-message-from-an-imaginative-853684The message read, “I am placing this bottle in here because I have read about them doing such things in mystery stories.” It came from a ninth grader at the time who seemed to write the message in response to her fascination with mystery. She hoped the future owners would find it and find adventure in her words!

#2 Who Was The Little Girl?

011-2-who-was-the-little-girl-503606c19144a05a328c515b762a2856The little girl was named Catherine. At the end of the letter, she urged whoever was reading it to look her up and let her know they found it! They still knew little of this young girl and what other things might be hidden in the walls! The couple decided to look her up and see if they could find out more!

#1 Unfortunately, She Had Passed

012-1-unfortunatley-she-had-passed-853643Unfortunately, Catherine is no longer with us and passed in 2014. Although they were disappointed they never got the chance to meet the real Catherine, they knew she would always live on in her words. Catherine loved mystery anyways! They were still able to get in contact with her family so they could learn more about her and her time at the house.

It doesn’t happen very often that you get to meet the people who used to live in your home! Maybe the previous tenants or owners within the last decade, but to get a glimpse of what your home was like in the 1930’s is truly incredible!

Kevin and Kristina thought that they were going to find some sort of buried treasure within the house, but what they found was much more valuable than any treasure could have been!

If you want to watch the video of this couple’s journey, you can do so below!

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