Couple Adopts A Struggling Baby Girl Who Leads Them To A Lifelong Commitment To Others

Having a child of your own is a beautiful, magical experience. It is a life-changing time that requires you to dedicate your effort and love to a smaller version of yourself. People that choose to adopt a child have to overcome even more parental obstacles, such as learning about their new child’s personality, culture, or even language.

Lisa and Steve are a loving couple that decided to become foster parents, but they had no idea how much their life was about to change. Their story will literally fill your heart with love. Slide #3 will have you grabbing a box of tissues, so get ready for a tear-jerker!



12. Lisa And Steve Had The Perfect Family

Lisa and Steve already had a full house with two children named Meghan and Kevin, and they loved them more than anything. Even though they had a lot to handle with two young children of their own, they decided they had a little more room in their house. Their decision to expand their family sent them on a journey that has changed so many lives forever!

11. The Couple Decided To Foster A Baby Girl

Lisa wanted more children, so the couple decided to become foster parents in 2003. The process of fostering a child is lengthy, so they didn’t meet their foster child until two years later. Their foster child was a baby named Erin, and the couple was ecstatic to meet her. Erin had a rather troubling past, and it made Lisa and Steve’s decision to foster her even more special.

10. Erin’s Mother Was Addicted To Drugs, Making Erin’s Birth Very Dangerous

Erin experienced withdrawal symptoms after birth due to her mother’s addiction, which is a horrible condition that many newborns of drug-addicted mothers have to endure as soon as they enter the world. Erin had a long fight ahead of her at such a young age, and the next slide proves her fight for survival was well worth it.

9. Erin Made A Full Recovery And Her New Family Was Thrilled

Lisa, Steve, and their two children fell in love with baby Erin despite the obstacles she had to overcome. They welcomed the little girl into their lives with open arms, and she became part of the family effortlessly. Little did the family know they were in for another surprise in the near future that would make their home even more full!

8. The Family Discovered That Erin Is Not An Only Child

A few years after the family began fostering Erin, they discovered something else surprising about Erin’s past. Erin has a sibling, and when they received the news they did the best thing they could for the young child. The next slide reveals that good people do exist in the world, and this family literally has a heart of gold!

7. Lisa And Steven Decided To Welcome Jacob Into The Family

When Lisa and Steven found out about Erin’s older brother Jacob in 2006, they decided to make their family a little bit bigger. Jacob also suffered from drug withdrawal at birth, and he spoke only Spanish due to living with family in Mexico. Lisa and Steven didn’t let this deter them from taking Jacob in, and they even went a step further to show the siblings how much they adore them.

6. Lisa And Steve Legally Adopted The Siblings

Erin and Jacob were accepted immediately into the household, and in March of 2007, they became permanent family members. Lisa and Steve were thrilled to have a total of four children to shower with love and affection. Their family was anything but ordinary, but they wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. Slide #4 shows that their love knows no bounds!

5. This Family Wasn’t Done Growing Just Yet

Lisa and Steve had a lot to take care of with four children in the house, but this didn’t stop them from considering expanding their family yet again. Although the next child they would foster isn’t related to Erin or Jacob, they are all connected through one major thing. Lisa and Steve couldn’t hold back — they were ready to welcome a new family member.

4. Baby John Had His Fair Share Of Obstacles

John was addicted to drugs at birth and diagnosed with autism. His autism could be a result of his mother’s drug use while pregnant, but this didn’t stop Lisa and Steve from adoring John, and they adopted him in 2009. Lisa and Steve seem to be thrilled with their large family, but what they do next is absolutely spectacular!

3. The Couple Decided To Go Above And Beyond For Four More Children

Just as it seems Lisa and Steve could do no more for neglected and abused children, they decided to foster four more siblings in 2009 — the same year they adopted John! Abigail, Anthony, Emily, and Nathan became part of the family right away as if they had been there forever. Lisa and Steve’s family tends to have that effect on every child they bring home!

2. Lisa And Steve’s Family Is One Shy Of A Dozen

The four siblings were officially adopted by Lisa and Steve in 2011, and that brought their household count to a whopping eleven! Lisa and Steve will be the first to admit that their lives sometimes get super wild with so many children to look after, but the next slide reveals why they let their lives get so crazy — and it will warm your heart.

1. The Couple Didn’t Foresee Their Family Growing So Large

Lisa and Steve state that they didn’t expect to adopt all of the children, but they fell in love with them and couldn’t let them go to other foster homes. You better believe there is never a dull moment in their household, and they have even created a YouTube channel called “Gapeedo” to document their hectic lives. Now that’s what you call family ties!

Having a family to count on is truly a blessing, and the family Lisa and Steve created is more than inspirational. The children the couple adopted came from troubled backgrounds, but the couple brought them all together to share nothing but love and happiness.

Lisa and Steve never expected to open their home to so many children, but they couldn’t help but help those who were just looking for an accepting, loving place to call home. Their story inspires many to give back — and whether in society or in the comfort of your own home — have a lot of heart.


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