Cops Gone Wild: Police Who Got Caught In Crazy Sex Scandals

Law enforcement officials are, by definition, tasked with enforcing the law. As such, you’d think that they obey the very rules which they stand for, right? Wrong.

Consensual sex between adults isn’t really illegal in nature, of course, but police officers are supposed to know better than this. Read on to see a roundup of cops getting caught, many ON CAMERA, doing the dirty when they were supposed to be doing their jobs.

10. Taking A Break On The Hood Of His Car

In 2011, New Mexico state trooper Bert Lopez propositioned a woman in the middle of her drunk driving arrest. Both participants testified in court. The woman was acquitted of her charges and Lopez was never charged, although he was put on leave and then fired after the incident took place.

9. To Protect And Serve, Unless It’s Go Time

Two police officers got a little too busy in early 2017, but they only working on each other. Video from within a police cruiser shows the pair of officers hearing radio transmission from an operator about a nearby robbery. Instead of, you know, going to do their jobs, they exchanged oral sex. SMH.

8. A Wife’s Detective Work Busted This Police Pair

San Antonio police officers Eman Fondren and Rebecca Martinez were both suspended in 2016 after an investigation uncovered evidence of “sexual misconduct.” The pair were doing a good job of covering their tracks until Eman’s wife tracked down dirty details in his text messages and turned the pair of bad cops in.

7. Engaging In Prostitution And Then Robbery

When Washington, D.C. police officer Chukwuemeka Ekwonna ordered sex work from a 15-year-old girl, he’d already broken the law. He made things worse, though, when he pulled a handgun on her after the act and robbed her of the money he’d just spent. He’s received ten different charges as a result of the encounter.

6. Detroit Police Officer Gets Caught Up

Over six years ago, a police officer from Detroit’s Western District was suspended after he was caught engaging in sex acts with a transvestite prostitute. Some might say, “Who cares—to each their own!” but this officer was trying to take care of business while he was on the clock.

5. Unable To Keep It In Their Pants

Two police officers working in the South African Gauteng Province were caught on camera several years ago engaging in sex acts while they were on the clock. They weren’t at work, though; the officers had escorted someone to the hospital and then decided to, erm, operate on each other while they thought they had some privacy.

4. Women On The Prowl

Two women working at Florida’s North Broward County Jail managed to get into a bit of action during their night shifts. Tara Clark, 37, and Genice Cisnow, 26, were arrested and suspended from their jobs after they were caught engaging in sexual acts with inmates while they were supposed to be working.

3. The Wrong Kind Of Juice

NYPD sergeant Michael Iscenko decided to throw semen on a civilian employee in 2015. He allegedly approached her from behind and splashed the substance on her leg and shoe. Yuck—what was he thinking? That’s beyond creepy, but there are a few more stories that top this one, believe it or not…

2. A Sad, Sad Case Of Animal Abuse

In the first weeks of 2017, Texas deputy Andrew Sustaita Jr. was charged with felony obscenity. Sustaita had shared video footage online of himself engaged in a sex act with a small dog online. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office wouldn’t speak to the media about the nature of the material.

1. Just Too Young

Celeste Guap—not her real name—was an 18-year-old prostitute who says she was hired by five different police departments in California’s Bay Area. It gets worse, though: She claims that many encounters took place while she was underage, and when she threatened to go public with her story, officer Brendan O’Brien shot himself to death.


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