Confessions From People Who Waited Until Marriage To Have Sex

Waiting for marriage before sex is almost unheard of today. Almost everybody is getting laid and the age is getting younger and younger. Now, if you’re a virgin then you’re considered an endangered species.

But what does it feel like to get married first before having sex with your future spouse? Is it really worth it? Let’s read these confessions who waited until marriage to have sex.

16. Lucky Guy
15. Totally Worth It
14. Healthy Marriage
13. It’s Not Right
12. Best Decision Ever
11. Keep Up
10. Secret Desire
9. Too Late
8. Young Couple
7. Awkward Yet Wonderful
6. Deep Regret
5. I Was Better
4. Terrible In Bed
3. Make Up For Lost Time
2. Warn The Others
1. Still Love Her 

That wasn’t bad. Most of them had no regrets waiting for marriage before sex. In fact, they considered it the best decision they’ve made. Although there was a handful who regretted their decision. How about you? Will you wait until marriage to have sex?


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