Cold Case Of Missing Family Man Stuns Investigators Who Find Him Living Under Dead Man’s Identity

After 23 long years, long lost husband and father Richard Hoagland was discovered to be alive in October of 2016 after being reported missing by his wife, Linda Iseler, in 1993.

The Indianapolis resident was allegedly found to be living 1,000 miles away from his home under a false identity with a new family in a small town called Zephyrhills.

Why Richard Hoagland abandoned his loving family to live a completely different life is something Linda Iseler and her two children still haven’t been able to come to grips with. Read on to find out the shocking details of a missing person case with a surprisingly unhappy reunion.

10. The Beginning Of A 23 Year Long Mystery

Richard, Linda and their two children, Matthew (nine years old) and Douglas (six years old), were a supposedly “happy” family living in Indiana trying to make the best out of every situation and live a fulfilling life. Like any family, they had their fair share of problems, but it was never anything out of the ordinary.

9. As Time Went On, Things Started To Unravel

Linda recalls her former husband growing distant as time went on. The boys were too young to truly notice, but she did. Richard would drift towards empty corners of their home to spend as much time away from his family as possible. Zoning out and showing subtle hints of dismay, Richard was displaying warning signs of an emotionally and psychologically troubled individual. You’ll find out exactly how that instability kickstarted this devastating story in the next slide.

8. The Last Day Linda Ever Spoke To Richard For 23 Years

Around 4:45 pm on February 10, 1993, Linda received a phone call at her workplace (a medical office) from her husband who had claimed to be feeling unwell. She offered to accompany her allegedly sick husband to the emergency room, but he declined and reassured her that everything would be perfectly okay.

7. In Reality, Things Were Far From Okay

Returning home at approximately 5:25 pm with Douglas, Linda was shocked to find that Richard had left their son Matthew unattended to at home without even informing her. This was absolutely out of character for Richard and after an hour, she received an alarming call from her husband who was supposed to be at the emergency room.

6. The Last Words Richard Ever Said To Linda For Decades

“I can’t live this way anymore. I feel you would be better off without me.”

She recalls her former husband sounding mellow and conflicted on the phone. Unfortunately, before she could get a word in, he cut the call. Approximately two hours later, she received one last call from Richard who said the following heartbreaking words, “I don’t want to go to jail, I’m never coming back.”

5. Panicked And Concerned, Linda Contacted The Police

As it turns out, Richard’s car was located a few days after his last phone call but police officials were unable to locate any information relating to where he might have been. Random phone calls over the months ahead were traced back to places like Aruba and Venezuela. Clearly, Richard was constantly on the move. Slide on to find out what the consequences of his terrible actions were.

4. Linda And Her Two Little Boys Were Left To Fend For Themselves

Not only did Richard abandon his family without any money whatsoever, he maxed out all of their credit cards and forged Linda’s signature on a loan before disappearing. Worst of all, Linda was exposed to brutal interrogations by the police before she was ruled out as a suspect involved in her husband’s disappearance. Eventually, the only things they received from him were two birthday cards and $50.

3. They Could Have Never Anticipated Their Lives Being Shaken Apart To This Extent

After some time, Linda and her sons tragically lost their home, vehicles and valuables soon after filing for bankruptcy. During that time of hardship, Richard was enjoying life at the gorgeous West Palm Beach in Florida where he illegally adopted the identity of a man whose death certificate Richard had stumbled across in the home he was renting.

2. From Richard Hoagland To Terry Symansky

The imposter posing as fisherman Terry Symansky found love, got married, had a son and celebrated his brand new amazing life in Florida. Many years later, after “Richard Hoagland” was declared dead and Linda Iseler remarried, the real Terry Symansky’s nephew shockingly learned of his uncle’s identity being stolen and used. This led police officials to the location of Richard resulting in his arrest for using a dead man’s identity.

1. The End Of A 23 Year Long Missing Person Case

Currently, Linda’s legal representative is filing for $2 million in unpaid child support from Richard Hoagland and since his arrest, he hasn’t offered any explanation or reasoning for his betrayal and abandonment. Linda and her adult sons have been more than vocal about the disgust they feel towards him and rightfully so.

We really hope Linda, Matthew and Douglas get the answers and closure they deserve after this traumatic event.

Why do you think Richard Hoagland abandoned his family and vanished for so many years? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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