This Chinese Orphan Had An Incredib...

This Chinese Orphan Had An Incredible Secret For Her Adoptive Parents

There are acts of kindness and then there are incredible acts of kindness. This is a story of an incredible act of kindness which then required another even greater act of kindness to fulfill the full potential of the original good deed.

It’s a tale of a family of Americans who crossed the ocean to adopt children in desperate need of a loving family and the amazing story of their daughter and her unimaginable secret.

You really won’t be able to believe what happened when the Lumpkins returned from their mercy mission to China. We certainly couldn’t.

Meet The Lumpkins

The Lumpkins, Gene and Lisa, are from Kentucky. The happy couple decided that they wanted children in their lives and that they would do some good as part of that process. So they opted to adopt four children from China. If that wasn’t enough, each of those children was deemed to have “special needs.”

Meet Aubrey

Aubrey was one of the four children that the Lumpkins brought home to Kentucky from China. She has severe emotional issues due to childhood abuse from her neglectful biological mother. She also suffers from cerebral palsy which is a neurological condition that can make motion difficult. Cerebral palsy is often a result of pre-natal trauma.

Arriving In Georgetown

Despite all her past issues, Aubrey’s arrival in Kentucky was a happy one. She had found a family who would give her all the love and care that she would need to flourish. The Lumpkins were delighted with their new daughter too. With their two biological children, they now had six kids to take care of.

What They Didn’t Know

As the family settled into a routine, the one thing that they couldn’t know was the incredible secret that Aubrey hadn’t shared with them because she didn’t know herself. It would be a casual interaction on Facebook which would change the whole family forever and reveal Aubrey’s secret.

Lisa Discovers Something

Lisa Aubrey, like many of us, likes to spend some time on Facebook each day and it was while she was scrolling through her news feed that she made an incredible discovery. She found a photograph of a Chinese orphan. An orphan, as you can see, who bore a striking resemblance to Aubrey.

Lisa Just Knew

Lisa told People magazine, My jaw dropped, they looked just so, so similar. My motherly instincts kicked in, I knew they had to be sisters or maybe even non-identical twins.” This seemed unlikely at first. After all, China has a strict one-child policy which makes siblings something of a rarity.


Lisa arranged for the two girls to be given DNA tests at the family’s expense, and they revealed the truth to be the same as the one Lisa had recognized instinctively. The girls were indeed sisters, and now that Lisa knew of the other girl, named Avery, she knew they had to be reunited.

The Challenge

There were a lot of hurdles for the family to overcome to bring the sisters together. The first was the cost of adoption – nearly $35,000. The second was the time limit for adoption in China. Avery was nearly 14, and if she turned 14, she could no longer be legally adopted. They had to act fast and get money from somewhere too.

The Internet To The Rescue

The Lumpkins turned to the Internet for help and started a GoFundMe campaign to raise the cash. They raised in excess of $50,000 and managed to get the Chinese government’s paperwork through on time. That meant that Avery could come to live with Aubrey and her new family.

Together Forever

The two girls had a small problem when they were first introduced. They didn’t speak the same language. However, Lisa says that this didn’t stop them from bonding and quickly they became best friends. Lisa says, “They’ve changed the person I am. Your values, what’s important…it’s not about how much money you have or the fancy car or the big diamond ring, there’s more to life. It’s about what you can do to help someone else.”


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