These Childhood Novelties Are Worth...

These Childhood Novelties Are Worth A Pretty Penny Now: #7 Is Pure 90’s Nostalgia!

Everyone’s childhood is filled with memories of holidays, birthday parties, and most importantly, the coolest gadgets and toys of the time.

Kids go crazy for McDonald’s Happy Meals, and it’s not just because of the nuggets and fries. Happy Meals always come with a trendy toy, and it was like Christmas morning seeing what surprise came with your meal. Some of the best Happy Meal toys came along in the 80’s and 90’s, and they were based on some of the best movies, shows, and trends of the time period.

Some collectors may be surprised to find out that some of these toys from the Golden Arches are now worth their weight in gold, and these trinkets are sure to send you on a trip down memory lane!


12. This Toy Was King Of The Jungle — And Happy Meal

The Lion King

was a 90’s Disney classic, and the animated film is still a household movie staple today. McDonald’s cashed in on the animal enterprise by creating plush Happy Meal toys of the movie’s characters in the late 90’s. Each character can be sold for $50 each today, and slide #1 is another Disney classic that made its way into Happy Meals everywhere!
11. These Minions Are More Than Coveted By Children And Collectors Alike

Released in 2013, the movie Despicable Me II is a children’s favorite. The minion characters of the Despicable Me franchise are a household name, and children can’t get enough of these cute little critters! McDonald’s released minion Happy Meal toys in 2013, and they are definitely a collector’s item now. The toy based off of the minion character named Jerry can be sold for a whopping $120, which is anything but comical.

10. Mr. Potato Head’s Family Took Over Every Kid’s Meal In The 80’s

Mr. Potato Head’s family made their Happy Meal debut in 1987. There were twelve miniature potato heads in total, and they simply scream 80’s retro childhood. You can now get up to $75 for the full set of all twelve collectibles on eBay, which isn’t bad for some 80’s child’s play! The next slide is another McDonald’s toy that looks good enough to eat!

9. These Toys Transformed Happy Meals Everywhere

The 1980’s were a wild time, filled with colorful fashion and classic movies. McDonald’s had some unforgettable Happy Meal toys that were characteristic of the memorable era, such as these transforming burger and fries. The collection can go for $50 or more today, but collectors may just want to hold on to these toys to have some trendy 80’s memorabilia on hand!

8. The Price Tag On These Beanie Babies Is No Joke!

The rise in popularity of TY Beanie Babies turned every 90’s kid into a full-time collector. McDonald’s began to offer a collection of these Beanie Babies in their Happy Meals in the early 2000’s, and these are now worth something significant. A set of four of the McDonald’s Beanie Babies can cost as much as $400, making their stuffing quite expensive these days. The next slide was used by every 90’s kid on the spookiest day of the year!

7. Nothing Said Spooky Like These Glowing Treat Buckets

Every 90’s kid wouldn’t be caught dead on Halloween without their glow-in-the-dark treat bucket from McDonald’s. These were a must-have for every kid’s costume to be complete, and they now can be bought for $100 on eBay. Time to get these collectibles out of storage and make a nice profit, no tricks here!

6. ‘Fraggle Rock’ Collectibles Comes Are Worth A Hefty Sum

Fraggle Rock was a 1980’s show based off of some of Jim Henson’s Muppets characters, and McDonald’s Happy Meal toys based off of the show will go down in history as some of the most popular ever offered by the franchise. You have to pay up to $200 for the full set of character toys, so be prepared to pay up!

5. His Character Is Timeless, And This Action Figure Is Worth Something Significant

Inspector Gadget was a popular character in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, so it’s no surprise that McDonald’s decided to design a Happy Meal toy of this coveted hero. Inspector Gadget’s popularity is evident today since you have to pay up to $350 to get your hands on this retro Happy Meal toy. That’s one expensive gadget!

4. 90’s Babies Couldn’t Survive Without This Furry Friend

The 1990’s were filled with memorable music and crazy fashion trends. The toy market was forever changed by the Furby, a toy that gained widespread popularity around the world. McDonald’s Happy Meals began to offer a miniature version of the coveted furry animal, and children flocked to the Golden Arches to get their share. A user on eBay recently sold a set of 80 of these coveted collectibles for $900, proving how historic this toy really is.

3. Cut Ties With These Collectibles And Your Wallet Will Thank You

The Muppets franchise has been popular for decades, but the Muppet-themed Happy Meal toys of the 90’s are now worth a few bucks. I am not pulling your strings — these Muppet Babies can be sold for up to $50 each today. Time to put some of these babies up for sale if you’re looking to make a decent profit.

2. The Price Of These Beauties Is Taking Off

The McDonald’s Happy Meal toys of the late 1990’s were a huge hit and these Sky Dancers were no exception. Sky Dancers were on every girl’s mind, and these soaring dolls still have a place in the hearts of many. They are worth a near $50 each, so collectors should cash in on this Happy Meal memorabilia to make a few dollars.

1. There Are 101 Reasons To Collect Memorable Happy Meal Toys

101 Dalmatians is one of the most beloved Disney animated classics, and McDonald’s made sure to include this memorable film in their Happy Meal toys in the late 1990’s. McDonald’s offered 101 puppy figurines in their Happy Meals, and collectors can now cash in up to $200 for the entire collection. Now that’s some profitable puppy love!

Happy Meals are one of the most memorable treats of childhood. Besides the addicting fries and savory burgers, the collectible toys inside had a legacy all their own. Collectors will pay large sums of money to get their hands on these trinkets that were once simply a fun addition to a child’s lunch.

This just goes to show you never know what one of your treasures will be worth, so it’s a good idea to hold onto your favorite childhood toys no matter how trivial or commonplace they may seem. One day it may be worth a small fortune, and then you will definitely be loving it!


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