Child Molester Killed By Victim’s Father, But What They Did To The Dad Is Way Worse

Most parents would do anything to protect their children from pain, including literally laying down their lives.

Fortunately, most parents never find their resolve tested by being put in that position, but Jay Maynor did. By saving his daughter from a traumatic ordeal, Maynor literally gave up forty years of his life, and the world thinks that this is too high of a price to pay for his actions.

Was what Jay Maynor did irresponsible and inexcusable vigilante justice? Or did he do what any other parent might do if they were in his shoes, actions for which the punishment should be significantly less?

Read on and decide for yourself.

10. An Innocence Stolen


Julia Maynor does not know how long her childhood sexual abuse went on for, only she only knows that it ended when she was eight. You see, Julia’s maternal grandfather started to molest her at such a young age, she cannot remember a time when it was not happening.

9. Prison For A Predator

Raymond Earl Brooks Julias adopted maternal grandfather, pleaded guilty in 2002 to his heinous crimes and was sentenced to five years in prison. Brooks was also ordered to pay restitution to Julia, but no amount of money can ever be enough to compensate for what he did to a pre-school child.

The sentence seems paltry when you hear about what happened ten years later.

8. An Unfair Freedom

After serving only twenty-seven months of his sentence Raymond Earl Brooks, sexual offender, was released from prison for good behavior.

Brooks was able to return to the same community in which he had previously, and Julia currently lived. There was a very real possibility she could bump into her abuser at any time.

7. An Internal Prison

Brooks is free from incarceration, but Julia still resides in her private prison of pain. After years of therapy for her PTSD, she still suffers from depression and the strain of the mental illnesses caused by the child sex abuse she suffered was enough to bring her marriage to an end.

However, Julia’s pain was not over; she could be in for a lifetime of twice the hurt.

6. Slow Burning Fury

It ‘s hard to imagine the emotions Jay Maynor has felt over the years. Fury towards the man who stole Julia’s childhood from her, guilt because he did not know what was happening and was, therefore, unable to stop it and the need to save his child from further pain must have all been swirling in his heart.