Check Out These 18 Embarrassing Spo...

Check Out These 18 Embarrassing Sports Moments Caught on Camera


Untitled designWhen it comes to sports in the modern day, cameras are everywhere. On the sidelines, in the locker room and of course, on the field. And as a result, no one is safe from their embarrassing moments being seen by the world and going viral. Whether it be clumsily dropping something on the sidelines, wardrobe malfunctions or anything in between. Here are 18 of the most embarrassing sports moments caught on camera. You’ll crack up at #7!

18. Need a Hand?

18. Need a Hand


Now I’m not sure who this is more embarrassing for, but there is no doubt neither of the people in this photo wanted this photo to get out. Wrestling can be an extremely tiring and adrenaline fueled contest and we often see people do whatever it takes to win, but this is simply taking it way too far.

17. Foul Ball to the Face

17. Foul Ball to the Face


Now Jimmy Rollins, the man you see here getting a baseball straight to the face, is actually a really good player. But you would never know it by looking at this photo. This lucky photographer got a picture right as the foul ball ricochets right off the face of the man who hit it.

16. Full Moon

16. Full Moon


The Lingerie Football League (now the Legends Football League) is a league here scantily clad women wearing pad compete in football against each other in teams of 7. The league has been a hit among men (not shocking) and I’m sure the fans weren’t too upset when this little moment took place.

15. Trip the Hurdle


15. Trip the Hurdle(source:

One of the toughest sports to pick up would definitely have to be hurdles racing. The fear of tripping and falling over one would be constant. However, the man in our photo had a different problem as he actually fell short of the hurdle and drilled his face right on it! Ouch.

14. The Runny Runs

14. Runny Run(source:

Now this is a classically disgusting picture, but we had to include it. I guess this runner felt it was more important to finish the race than to stop running. While we appreciate his heart and desire to win, a trip to the toilet probably would have saved him a ton of embarrassment, and a pair of shorts.

13. That’s Not the Snapper

13. That’s Not the Snapper(source:

If you were watching this game on video, there isn’t a good chance you would have caught this moment. This looks like it is during the aftermath of a sack, but this photog caught something that looks much different. You can be sure that Rex Grossman (number 8) will never hear the end of this photo.

12. Sumo Smooch

12. Sumo Smooch(source:

While Sumo wrestling has not really caught on here in the West, it is vert popular in Japan. For most of us, the sport is nothing but big men in diapers pushing each other around. While it is obviously more than that, this photo suggests that the photographers still have a sense of humor about a sport they take very seriously.

11. Head Full of Ice

11. Head Full of Ice(source:

While it is clear these two are figure skating, this move looks like something straight out of the WWE. If this move would have been completed it likely would have resulted in a near perfect run, but it didn’t, so not only did they lose a few points on the scorecard, the man probably lost a few IQ points as well.

10. DUCK!


10. DUCK!Now this is what we call a perfect photo. The photographer here captured the sheer face of terror in this baseball player as he narrowly dodges catching a ball not in his glove, but off his skull. Either that, or he has just seen a ghost.

9. Spieth’s Stone Hands

9. Spieth’s Stone Hands(source:

There is no doubt that Jordan Spieth is one of the best golfers in the world today. But in this photo, we see he can also be pretty clumsy. After winning his first Major at 21 years old, it seems his nerves will still around as he bobbled the trophy and broke it in the process.

8. Almost Had It

8. Almost Had It(source:

Now few things can be more embarrassing than not only dropping a wide open pass in a rugby game, and then having a photographer capture each stage of the drop in rapid succession. The friends of this player likely will never let him live down this awful drop.

7. The Water Robot

7. The Water Robot(source:

Of all the sports out there, few offer up more hilarious and embarrassing pictures than synchronized swimming. The ladies who compete in this sport are very expressive and passionate, which leads to some great snapshots.

6. Pants’d

6. Pants’d(source:

Well, that is certainly one way to slow down your man. After getting beat by the ball carrier, this defender decides to make a final, last ditch effort to slow him down by dropping his pants, pretty embarrassing for both guys if you ask me.

5. Split Suit

5. Split Suit(source:

Honestly, it is shocking that this doesn’t happen more often. With the extra tight suits that people like swimmers and speed skaters wear, they are just asking for splits and rips in the clothing. This poor person had a split in the absolute worst possible location.

4. Picture Perfect

4. Picture Perfect(source:

Again, this photographer should be heralded for this amazing work. Out of all the sports balls, you wouldn’t want to take right in the nose, is probably a rugby ball. And while it definitely didn’t feel good, we can’t help but laugh at the face this man makes.


3. IN THE FACE(source:

There are a few different things that make this photo amazing. Not only does it look as if that man has a volleyball for a face, but he was also delivered that ball right from an opponent’s hand, so you know it was traveling fast. I would love to see a video of this to see what led to this photo.

2. Strange Uniform Choice

2. Strange Uniform Choice(source:

Now these ladies are all very happy with themselves as they likely won a cycling event, but their uniforms are quite strange. Whoever designed them probably didn’t think too hard about the design, as it looks as if these ladies are half naked.

1. Wait, That’s Not Right

1. Wait, That’s Not Right(source:

Dustin Brown is a pretty good hockey player, but its clear his head wasn’t in the game during this moment. Brown was after a quick drink of water, but instead, sprayed nothing but the ice. This has happened to a number of different players as well and appears to be a common struggle.

So as you can see, some otherwise great athletes have seen their embarrassing moments go viral. These were a hilarious look at how athletes are not that far from a regular person, as they too go through painfully embarrassing moments here and there. And if you liked these 18, there are surely dozens other for you to check out. Also, big thanks to the amazing photographers who go out there and capture these moments and for providing us hours of entertainment.


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