Check This Epic Stand Off Between A Tiger And Monkey Trying To Save Her Baby!

We all know Momma Power is some of the strongest stuff on earth. Ever wondered how your mom knew exactly what you were up to at all times, could outsmart you without trying and somehow still have dinner on the table at the end of the day? That’s just some of that good, old-fashioned MP.

Well, let me introduce you to Monkey Momma Power. Specifically, the power of a mother monkey protecting her baby from a frickin’ tiger. If you think you can outsmart either of these animals, think again — clearly, both of them want something and they want it bad.

Click through to see what happens when an unstoppable force and an immovable object collide…

10. …Wait. In a Tree?

Whoa! Okay, not what I was expecting.

Here we meet our protagonist, Mister Tiger, who has decided to take on the challenge of climbing a tree. He’s starting off at a disadvantage, given that he’s already made an enemy of that age-old foe: the force of gravity.

9. Enter Our Antagonist, Momma Monkey

Alright, I’m calling Momma Monkey our antagonist but I really feel for the poor girl here. Looks like she was just sitting in a tree, minding her own business. Also, trees are really more monkey territory than they are tiger territory. This feels like a battle on home turf for her.

8. Okay, Just Gimme a Sec Here…

Mister Tiger’s gotta stop and get his balance, so if you could just wait patiently for him to attack you, that would be great, Momma. Gotta give props here — this tiger is no Simone Biles, but he definitely shows some promise for the balance beam.

But wait, what’s his next move? Click on…


Hey, that was fast! I definitely didn’t see this graceful leap to the top of the tree coming. Maybe he’s just popping in to say hello? Seems like odd behavior for a tiger, but then again, the dude’s already in a tree — clearly he plays by his own rules.

6. Momma’s Outta Here

If Mister Tiger was making a social call, this was Momma Monkey telling him that it’s really just not a great time. But like a dude in a dive bar, MT can’t take a hint! Where are you going? I’ll walk with you! Why are you climbing away so fast?

5. Momma’s Holding Her Ground

I gotta give it up for Momma Monkey, ’cause she really just does not back down. This is her tree and she’ll wait for you to leave it. It’s a shame, though, because it looks like if she dropped from the bent branch right now it could have a distinctly catapult-ish effect on Mister Tiger…

4. Nope, He’s Comin’ Over!

If Momma’s got a strategy at this point, I am sure I don’t know what it is. This chick is just chilling on the side and Mister Tiger has made it clear he’s coming over for a hang. Girl, get out of there! It is not worth becoming monkey carnage over your stake in some real estate.

3. Maybe Momma Knew What She Was Doing After All

It would appear that MM kept in mind something that I forgot: Mister Tiger is pretty bad at being in trees. He’s still on the offensive, but like so many Greek heroes his hubris is veering dangerously toward the tragic end arena. Can he M. Night Shyamalan this thing and pull out a win? Let’s see…

2. Gonna Stop And Do A Pull-Up

Again doing his excellent impression of a dude at a dive bar, Mister Tiger decides to do a few reps to get swole for his inevitable climactic clash with Momma Monkey. Or at least, that’s what he’d tell you, anyway…I’m not super confident that he knows what he’s doing.

1. The Final Moments

It’s all coming down to this! Can he use his tiger prowess to swing back up and take on Momma Monkey? Follow-up question, can I please pet his belly?

Check out the full video to see exactly how it went down and who came out on top. It’s a nail-biter!


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