What Cheaters Are Really Like (According To Their Mistresses)

It’s an unfortunate truth, but every day, there are instances of men violating that sacred bond of marriage with their chosen mistress. Simply put, both parties involved are not exactly role models of society. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t learn a thing or two here. Why do men cheat on their wives?

Surely, it’s a question many would like to know, so let’s hear it right from the source.

Mistresses offer a unique perspective on the minds of cheating men. Hence, here are 10 truths about male cheaters according to their secret lovers. Number seven will surely make your head spin.

10. Cheaters Are Caring People

“Caring” is probably the last word one would use when talking about a cheater, but according to their mistresses, it’s fairly accurate. Often times, men will cheat on their spouse with a woman who is in need of some help. Whether they are in financial or emotional distress, the man believes it is their duty to assist. In their sensitive minds, they are doing a good deed.

9. Cheaters Feel Threatened At Home

Cheaters don’t often cheat in a perfect marriage. Hence, there must be some reason a husband acts out on his wife. According to mistresses, one of these reasons is masculinity. Many cheaters feel their masculinity is challenged at home. This can happen in a variety of fashions like the women making more money than the man or ignoring his sexual needs.

8. Cheaters Think They Will Divorce Their Wives

While there are certainly men who want to remain married while having a mistress on the side, others believe they will leave their wives soon. In their heads, they envision the world without their “evil” wife and a bright future with their new mistress. In reality, few make this change as they’ve become too comfortable with routine and afraid to make any serious adjustment. If you think that was surprising, just wait what comes next.

7. Men Crave Attention From Their Mothers

When men crave an abnormal amount of attention from their wives, it’s likely because they never got that attention from their mothers growing up. Mistresses depict a common correlation of cheating men and absent mothers. They need female attention and will stop at nothing to get it. Even if it means destroying a relationship to do so.

6. Cheaters Are A Little Sociopathic

Of course, there are varying levels of sociopathy. However, if you’re a cheating male, odds are you fall somewhere on the spectrum. In order to go through with cheating, men need to see people as tools. Tools to help them get what they want in life. Whatever that may be.

5. Many Cheaters Think They’re Innocent

It’s common for liars to justify their actions in order to deflect any negative feelings of guilt. Cheaters use the same tactic. In fact, they get so deep into their lies, that they actually begin to believe them. Furthermore, they start to think that their actions are helping those involved.

4. Cheaters Fear Loneliness

Loneliness can be a terrifying thought to some, cheaters included. Mistresses will often state their men have a deep fear of loneliness. Hence, when they feel ignored at home, they need to find some outlet of companionship. Unfortunately, this companionship can come in the form of another woman. If you thought that one was sad, check out number three.

3. Cheaters Destroy The Lives Of Their Mistress

It’s a myth that the mistress gets away free of charge in the crime of infidelity. When a mistress sleeps with a married man, their friends will certainly judge them. Furthermore, they won’t trust them with their own husbands. The cheater will then use this scenario as a tool in their favor. Since the mistress no longer has anyone to rely on, they will have to keep sleeping with the married man.

2. Cheaters Are Paranoid

Sure, it’s okay if a cheater cheats in their own minds, but what if their mistress cheats? To the cheating man, this is a big deal that causes paranoia. Cheaters will always think their mistress is lying since they themselves are liars and believe everyone else is too. It’s a tragic fact, but just wait until you read number one.

1. Cheaters Want To Have It All

Cheating men are often greedy and power hungry. While they may lead successful lives to many, to them, it’s never enough. They will stop at nothing until they have it all. This includes a marriage and a mistress on the side if they see fit. This behavior will go on until someone puts an end to it all.

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