Cheaters Explain Why They Can’t Stay Faithful In Their Own Incriminating Words

Have you ever been cheated on and dwelled on all of the possible reasons why it happened? Look no further, because we have compiled the top reasons why. Most of them are more simple than you would think. It becomes an addiction that most of these people cannot control, or even want to.

10. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


Cheating can appear to be normal, especially to young couples who have plenty of life to live. One young girl said, “I have a boyfriend and I constantly cheat on him behind his back. I don’t feel bad because I’m young and just want to have fun.” Cheating addicts like the one in #9 do it because of one thing and one thing only.

9. Addicted To Love


Even though a person is in a committed relationship, their addiction to sex can lead them into the beds of many strangers. “I constantly cheat on my husband. It’s not that I don’t love him. I just love sex and he doesn’t give it to me like I want.”

8. Realizing There’s A Problem


Other people recognize what they’re doing is wrong. It’s rare, but as this girl says, “I constantly cheat on my husband and I don’t know why I do. I love him. I think I need to see a psychologist.” The girl in #7 does it because she knows it’s bad.

7. The Thrill Of The Chase


Sometimes it’s the thrill of doing something naughty that keeps people cheating. This cheater is just addicted to the suspense. “I think I’m addicted to cheating. I know it’s horrible and makes me an awful person and I do love my boyfriend. But something about being bad makes me want it more and more.”

6. Attention Whores


Even guys crave the attention they get from their booty calls. It’s the attention they cannot seem to get at home. One man explained, “I love attention so much I can’t stop cheating on my girlfriend or any girlfriend I’ve ever had.” The floozy in #5 acts like she’s a prisoner.

5. Forced Loving


Sometimes we feel forced into staying in a committed relationship. You can’t force happiness as this girl can attest. “I think I’m addicted to cheating and I had hoped I would get over it after marriage but I didn’t. I felt forced into being happy and I’m just not.”

4. Cheating My Way To Her Heart


Cheating can also cause an awkward effect on some people. “Every time I cheat on my girlfriend I realize how much I like her. But I can’t stop cheating.” He’s going to love her to death if he keeps this up. The couple in #3 should just agree to be in an open relationship.

3. Better Off As Swingers

A Potpourri of Vestiges

“My girlfriend and I constantly cheat on each other but neither of us will leave the relationship.” If only this couple would just agree to see other people. Another option would be to join a swingers club. Perhaps they would simply be happier apart. Sometimes you just need to take some action, people.

2. Stuck In A Rut

One thing is for certain, if a girl is bored and feels stuck, then she will most likely seek out another man. “Financially, I’m stuck for now. I cheat all the time, which I know I shouldn’t but I get bored.” The most common explanation is undoubtedly #1.

1. Don’t Know Why

And So It Begins…

Finally, some people cheat because they are cheaters. There’s no rhyme or reason why they keep doing it. This man just admits to having an addiction even after a few years of marriage. “I love my wife of five years very much. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”


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