These Celebs Know What It’s Like To Be Homeless


The life of a celebrity seems to be a glamorous one from the outside, but the reality is that things aren’t often as rosy as they appear for people who have achieved fame. It’s often easy to forget that celebrities are people like everyone else, and some of them have either come from humble beginnings or made it big and then lost everything through either poor decisions or unfortunate circumstances.

Today we’re counting down 10 well-known celebrities who have either experienced homelessness before they became big stars or fell from grace and found themselves homeless after making it big.

Stick around for the entire list and you’ll see how one celebrity nearly lost her career before it began because of homelessness and health problems at the same time, while another spent his middle school years living in a car in the Midwest!

10. Ted Williams

No, not the famous slugger for the Boston Red Sox. This Ted Williams battled addiction and found himself on the streets of Ohio in 2011 with nothing but the clothes on his back and what he termed a God-given gift of a golden radio voice. Fortunately, that’s all he needed, as his voice caught the attention of reporters in Columbus, leading him to voiceover work with Kraft and Pepsi and the publication of his autobiography, A Golden Voice.

His life’s by no means easy today, but he’s off the streets and moving forward.

9. Debbie Clark

In the early 1990’s, American Gladiators was a nationwide phenomenon. Kids spent their Saturdays watching everyday people battle against warriors known as gladiators, and the show allowed their personalities to shine, making it a hit. Unfortunately, the show was also notorious for being stingy with its licensing, which led to several gladiators being replaced in 1993. One was Debbie Clark, who competed from 1991 to 1993 as Storm. Though she made good money on the show, two years isn’t long, and having to escape domestic violence left her and her son on the street in 2011 before Sean Sheppard and her fellow gladiators stepped in to help.

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8. Jim Carrey

Life on The Truman Show would have looked good to the funnyman when he was growing up, as he dropped out of high school and spent most of his teen years living in a van with his family. But the situation helped him become who he is today, as he developed his famous sense of humor to help get him through the reality he faced every day.

7. Phil McGraw

As a rule, doctors in any field tend to get paid a lot. As another rule, that doesn’t apply to interns. That was the case for Phil McGraw’s father, leaving the man who would eventually become Dr. Phil to spend his childhood living in a car in Kansas City. Once the elder McGraw completed his internship though, things took off for the pair, and the younger McGraw is now worth over a quarter of a billion dollars.

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6. Delonte West

The 2011 NBA lockout was devastating to several players, but none were hit harder than Delonte West, who had blown through all of his NBA money and was no longer collecting a paycheck while locked out. Things didn’t improve once play resumed, because West’s criminal record made landlords skittish about renting to him, leaving him to make his home in the Dallas Mavericks’ locker room when the team wasn’t on the road. Luckily for him, that stopped once owner Mark Cuban found out and helped set him up with a living situation.

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