These Celebrity Massage Scandals Didn’t Have Happy Endings (Or Did They?)

A massage is supposed to help relieve tension and stress. Unfortunately, some people want a bit more out of their experience. These celebs found themselves in exactly that kind of story, and whether the accusations levied against them are true or false, we’re going to tell you exactly what (allegedly) went down.

The first person featured on the list needs to find an alternative to cell phones.

10. A Football Icon’s Infidelity

Brett Favre might be one of the greatest QBs of all time, but that didn’t prevent him from throwing a major interception in the form of raunchy text messages. Two massage therapists from the New York Jets sued the Hall of Famer in 2011 for sexual harassment. This incident came a few months after his texting scandal involving host Jenn Sterger.

9. An Actor’s Self Enjoyment

Oscar-winning actor/director Kevin Costner was dancing with himself during a massage in 2004. A masseuse at the Old Course Hotel claimed the star took off his robe and started masturbating in front of her. While the masseuse filed a lawsuit against the hotel for unfair dismissal, the case was settled in private.

Being in office didn’t prevent this next person from having their cover blown.

8. A Senator’s Sizzling Affair

Former Senator Chuck Robb got into hot water after his alone time with Miss Virginia USA Tai Collins was made public in the October 1991 issue of Playboy. In the magazine, she admitted that a simple massage back in 1983 turned into a wild affair that lasted over a year. Luckily, his marriage to Lynda Bird Johnson survived the scandal.

7. A Heinous Predator

Financier Jeffrey Epstein was getting massages from over 40 underage girls until an 11 month investigation landed him in jail for 13 months. He is currently registered as a level three sex offender in New York State, which is the highest level in the area.

The next person was rumored to have been involved in a major relationship with a pilot.

6. Double The Trouble

In 2012, John Travolta found himself being sued by a male massage therapist in Los Angeles. The $2 million lawsuit claimed the star stripped naked and grabbed the worker’s penis. To make matters worse, another masseur stepped forward with the same claims. Fortunately for Travolta, both lawsuits were dropped.

5. Putting The “Massa” In “Massages”

While Eric Massa was sworn in as U.S. Representative for the 29th Congressional District of New York in January 2009, his tenure was short lived. In March 2010, he retired due to sexual allegations from a male staff member. In the complaint, an unnamed staff member stated that Massa groped him. One of Massa’s old Navy shipmates claimed that the former U.S. Representative was known on base for his male massages.

The next person proves that you can’t get away with everything just because of a royal status.

4. A Prince’s Temptation

Prince Andrew, Duke of York’s friendship with Jeffrey Epstein was just another one of his major problems. In 2010, a photo of him with an underage prostitute surfaced, which caused a commotion. In 2015, Virginia Roberts, who claimed to have been Epstein’s sex slave, stated that Andrew had sex with her when she was only 17. Settlements were made out of court.

3. Doin’ It On The Low

For over 25 years, The Jerry Springer Show has dealt with all sorts of tomfoolery. Before gaining fame with the series, Jerry Springer was a member of the Cincinnati city council. In 1974, he was forced to resign after being caught with a prostitute. His honesty about the whole situation led to him winning back his seat.

This next individual almost made New Life Church bankrupt due to their actions.

2. Sinning In Church

Masseur Mike Jones claimed that Reverend Ted Haggard paid him for sexual services on several occasions. Haggard denied the sex rumors, but he did admit to buying crystal meth from Jones. While he resigned from New Life Church from the scandal in 2006, it didn’t end there. Three years later, Grant Haas stated that Haggard masturbated in front of him.

1. Demands Left Unfulfilled

Back in 2006, Al Gore was under investigation due to claims of unwanted sexual contact. A massage therapist stated that Gore demanded sexual favors from her. When she refused to comply, he reportedly screamed at her. The lady never bothered to press charges because she was scared it would ruin her reputation.

While there have been various reports of massage therapists invoking sexual activities, agreeing to these actions, whether or not you’re involved with a partner, is wrong. You can easily find yourself contracting one of many STD’s or get caught in any sort of sex-sting operation. Being locked up is terrible enough, but the reason for your imprisonment could be embarrassing.

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