Celebrities You Won’t Believe Suffer From Eating Disorders


Eating disorders are far more common than people are aware of. It is estimated that one in 200 women in the United States suffers from anorexia, two to three in 100 women deal with bulimia and up to 10% of college-aged women will battle some form of eating disorder.

These 10 celebrities have come forward to help raise awareness of eating disorders and not to bolster their own fame. They believe that by helping other people understand these conditions better, that sufferers will be better understood and cared for in society.

You won’t believe some of the people who have battled eating disorders, like number seven on our list.

10. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga may seem like the epitome of confidence, but she’s been battling both bulimia and anorexia since she was in her teens. She’s even published pictures of herself at her worst on her social media feed to try and make sure her fans steer clear of her mistakes.

9. Russell Brand

Russell Brand’s one of those direct people who is happy to be honest about themselves, and he’s confessed that he was bulimic when he was a teenager. He also struggled with self-harm at around the same time. The bulimia came back when he went to rehab, too.

8. Jane Fonda

She may have been the “Queen of the Workout,” but Jane Fonda wasn’t as happy with her body image as you might expect of a global fitness sensation. She was actually battling bulimia and she says that it was focusing on exercise which finally enabled her to conquer it.

7. Kate Winslet

Kate wasn’t treated very kindly at school because of her larger frame. The kids taunted her with “blubber” and other cruel insults. She then developed an eating disorder in response. Today, she refuses to bow to the pressure to be thin and has built a career on her curves.

6. Eminem

Eminem had a huge weight problem. In fact, at one point he reached 230lbs! He ballooned in weight after taking a drug overdose which damaged the surface of the inside of his stomach. It left him permanently hungry and all he did was over-eat all the time. He’s put it behind him now.