15 Celebrities With The Highest Insured Body Parts


Like the popular saying goes, “There’s no business like showbusiness.”  It’s true indeed. Aside from the worldwide fame and adoration of millions of fans, they also get huge, crazy amounts of money while doing what they love. Oh, how unfair is this cruel world! Huge enough to even their own island!

That’s why some celebrities and athletes decided to insure their body parts for massive amounts of money. Even more than we, average joes will ever make in our lifetime. You know, just in case something happens with their money makers. Makes sense, since they make millions of dollars!

Curious who these celebrities are? Read on to see who they are.

15. Miley Cyrus: Tongue Insured for $1 Million

mileycyrustongueNow, who hasn’t seen Miley Cyrus and her hyperactive tongue? It’s like it has a life of its own. It can go all ways we didn’t know possible. And now it has a money of its own! We’ll never know why her tongue decided to learn acrobats but it definitely loves the limelight.

14. Rihanna: Legs Insured for $1 Million

rihannaRihanna is known for her badass image. But this bad gal is definitely no risk taker when it comes to her precious gams. That’s why in 2007, popular razor company Gillette determined she has goddess-like legs and decided to insure them. Now her goddess-like stems are financially secure.
13. David Lee Roth: Sperm Insured for $1 Million



David Lee Roth is a rock vocalist, songwriter, actor, author, and former radio personality. Like a true music royalty, he lived the sex and rock and roll life. But he wasn’t totally reckless at all, because, in order to avoid paternity suits that could leave him penniless, he insured his sperm. Although legend has it that he insured his penis itself. Disturbing.

12. Gene Simmons: Tongue Insured for $1 Million

genesimmonsWe wonder if Gene Simmons was Miley Cyrus’ tongue-crobat inspiration? Who knows. But we all know that the legendary Kiss bass guitarist and all around madman is definitely the original. His costume wouldn’t be complete with that organism. It completes the demonic appeal. It sends chills down people’s spine.

11. Kylie Minogue: Butt Insured for $5 Million

kylieminogueKylie Minogue may not be an elite member in the booty popping world but her derriere has definitely something to say. She proves that you need to have bubble butt to make money from it. She actually bared her butt to the world in a spoof commercial proving that even at her 40’s, she still has the goods.