Celebrities That Are Supposedly In The Illuminati


For the past few years, it has been rumored that there are lots of celebrities who are involved in the group Illuminati. The following list of celebrities feature all of the names that are members of the said group. According to sources, these celebs have use the group’s symbology or practiced the group’s rituals at one point or another.

So, are you intrigued? Then let’s get started! Take a look at the list that we have below:

1. Jay Z

Jay Z

I think Jay Z fully embraced the rumors that he is one of the biggest authorities in the Illuminati group. In fact, you would often hear Jay Z encouraging his fans to “raise their diamonds” in his concerts and shows. Additionally, his clothing line also features some Illuminati statements.

2. Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert

Another authority from the music scene! With Adam;s look, it is easy to understand why he was included in this list. More than this, the artwork for his music video Ghost Town features the symbol of a Freemason’s hidden hand.

3. Adele



According to many, Adele did not start out as an Illuminati member when she first entered the music industry. However, she was recruited shortly after she got in the music scene. According to sources, she often uses one-eye symbolism.

4. Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys


In his “Girl on Fire” album cover, Alicia Keys can be seen standing beside what could be perceived as an Illuminati symbol. More than that, this lovely singer is also close friends with some of the highly rumored Illuminati members Beyonce and Jay Z.

5. Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Of course, Chris Brown should be in the list! This singer was rumored to be included in the group because of his tattoos. In his arms and body, you can find a snake tattoo with the all knowing eye that is commonly associated with the group.